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ACORN Toolkit for ongoing oral healthcare planning

At Dentally we know your primary concern is the delivery of a holistic oral health care plan for your patients. 

We also understand the pressures you are under to report to your government and make it easy for this to happen. For our NHS Wales clients, we have an ACORN (Assessment of Clinical Oral Risks & Needs) template which enables you to complete all the statutory requirements and deliver the best possible care to your patients.

Easy to submit all required information

Downloading the ACORN template ensures that during an annual exam appointment patient care plans can be discussed, agreed and planned. Coupled with Dentally’s customisable Medical Health questionnaire and the Decayed, Missing, Filled fields on claim submission, all the information needed is sent to NHSBSA in one easy step. Find out how to download the ACORN custom fields template here.

When you submit an ACORN claim in Dentally, additional fields are available for you to complete. They are called Optional fields, and they need to be completed but that’s easy in Dentally as it’s all on one screen, and part of the usual NHS claim submission process.

All part of the family

Often, when dealing with one member of a family with poor oral health, alarm bells ring for the other members of the family, and you will want to make appointments for the others. But families are busy and don’t want scattered appointment dates and times. In Dentally, if you have linked family members together, you can easily see who is part of the family and book appointments in groups both to suit everyone and to make sure no one is missed. 

Find out about group family appointments in our support docs here.

ACORN enables you to gain a good overview of the patient’s current situation and allows you to plan preventative measures and plan good oral health care going forward.  Dentally has the tools and functions to make this a seamless process for all NHS practitioners in Wales. 

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