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Summer School: Communication

Are you making the most of the 15+ ways you can communicate with patients and teams in Dentally?

Great internal communication helps make your practice a good place to work. Importantly, consistent external communications mean that your patients love interacting with you. So how does Dentally help to help you communicate with your patients and with each other?

Talking to and with your patients means they are kept informed, can make choices, can take control of when and where they interact with you and can manage part of their oral healthcare journal. 

Dentally has many ways to help you communicate with patients and other professionals to help you build and retain a great patient experience. Whether your patients want to be completely digital or need their correspondence on paper, Dentally has communication methods to suit. With Dentally what you communicate and how you do it is both flexible and easy to use and receive.

Internal Communications

Dentally makes internal communications easy and quick, whether it is communicating in real-time over chat or using tasks to ensure systems and processes run smoothly and everyone knows when, where, why and what needs to be done.  

And if we add in Reporting to the communication mix, you can find out quickly and easily how the practice is performing and can make judgements as to what needs to be done. In this way, you use Dentally to communicate to you the business side of things.

Dentally has additional features that help to make communications easier for everyone. Take templates, as an example. They ensure consistency in correspondence, and once written, save you time and effort because you create them once, then use them many times. Once you set up your templates, use them in your automated correspondence saving you, even more, time and effort.

Are you using all the communication tools and features Dentally offers? And if so, are you using them to your best advantage? 

Want some help with any of these features? Talk to our support team at and let us help you communicate better, easier and faster.