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Effective recalls that benefit your practice

An essential element of running any dental practice today, is being able to keep your appointment book full whilst balancing an increase in short notice cancellations, ensuring space for emergency care and dealing with a backlog of patients that have missed an appointment as a consequence of the past year’s COVID-19 lockdowns.

Many dental practices have been faced with disrupted recalls and now have to constantly juggle reinstating the correct recall interval for patients, whilst dealing with a backlog of patients in need of oral health care and ensuring ongoing treatment plans are finally completed.

Patient communication is paramount to help you get your recalls back on track, optimise your chair utilisation, reduce FTA’s and fill short notice cancellations, and retain a loyal patient base who are still prioritising their own dental health.

Market leading cloud enabled practice management software, Dentally, from Henry Schein One, can help ease the burden of admin with recall automation that can improve your effectiveness, ensure patients are engaged and guarantee your revenue streams.

Recalls that really work.   dentally-illustration_save_time

Automating your recalls with Dentally from Henry Schein One can be a powerful tool that enables you to retain strong connections with all of your patients, without creating any additional admin for your team

It is simple to set up using our recall messaging workflows within the software, which automates the process to send the patient an email, SMS or letter (whatever the patient’s preferred contact method is) on the appropriate day and time.  

Once you have it set up, it also won’t send out a message to a patient that already has an appointment booked for the type of recall set. You can tailor the settings for the recalls within Dentally, specific to your practice and based on certain criteria, for example;

  • Recall type (course of treatment)
  • Payment plan
  • Practitioners
  • Interval period
  • Recall date
  • Patient contact method preferences

Say goodbye to the disruption caused by running weekly recall reports weekly and manually selecting patients to receive correspondence - benefit from the customisable tool in Dentally today to start saving time and start building stronger relationships with your patients. 

Stay in control 

You can tailor the automated recall workflow and set up default templates for the correspondence - so you remain in control of the correspondence between practice and patient. No matter the day of the week or the reason why, you can schedule the recalls for whenever suits you and your practice. For example; you might choose to send all your recall messages out on a Wednesday because that’s usually a quieter day for your reception team.  You can also choose to send them out in one go or in manageable batches throughout the day, so your team or inbox won’t be overwhelmed.

In terms of frequency, you can also decide exactly how often to contact your patients. So if you would like to contact a patient once, wait for a response and then remind them again in a few weeks if they still haven't booked this can also be automated within your workflow in our software.

The recall report gives you complete ‘real time’ transparency. If you still have patients that are identified through the report that have missed their recalls despite attempts of contacting them, then you can always choose to contact them manually. The report provides you with visibility of the contact history and the recall status of each patient in a clear and easy to see concise view.

Optimising revenue

The reality of day to day life in a dental practice is that it is extremely busy, so take the effort out of recalls by using automation to free up your team’s time to focus on patient care.  Dentally will keep your recalls running smoothly, help you to retain your patients and keep them engaged and on top of their check ups, encourage treatment plan completion and make sure your appointment is full, so you can optimise all aspects of your practice’s revenue potential.

Email our team today to take a closer look at Dentally to see for yourselves how easy it is to use and how it can support your chair utilisation - available today from your trusted experienced team at Henry Schein One. You will find our website here