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How to Maintain Full Control While Empowering Your Patients: A Guide for Dentists

As our day-to-day lives get busier, offering a degree of flexibility and choice is crucial to fostering patient retention and attracting new patients. More and more businesses are offering online services to manage their customer journey - be it online booking for hair appointments or online ordering for medical prescriptions. Empowering patients in this way is what could offer you a competitive edge, however ensuring that any system you introduce is fully aligned with your practice workflows is key to a happy team AND happy patients. In today’s blog, we are going to be taking a look at exactly how you can do this  

1. Use a Booking System That Has Customisation Abilities 

Online Booking can be a game-changer for empowering your patients to take control of their journey with you. Many of us work a 9-5, meaning finding the time to complete ‘life admin’ is restricted for lunchtimes, evenings and weekends - all of which are often out of hours for dental practices and can lead to voicemail messages stacking up, left to respond to when the reception reopens and is inevitably busy. By introducing online booking as an alternative option, you can feel confident that patients are getting booked in for the treatment they need, whether your admin team is available to answer the phone or not. 

Choosing to use Online Booking from Dentally Portal enables customisation of booking parameters, so you can feel confident that you’ll only be receiving appointments that work for both you and your patients. Options include when, where, and how far ahead a patient can book online so you can be assured of full diary control. Giving your team the tools to mould their day-to-day in a way that works for them is the basis for a successful booking system - avoiding any risk of the practitioner feeling unorganised or overloaded. 

2. Automate Time-Wasting Activities 

When a patient visits your practice, the degree of clinical care that they receive is of course critical however it is probably not what they will leave your practice and write a review about. Patients value genuine interactions with both the clinical and clerical team. They value flexibility, convenience and excellent customer service. Portal illustration

 To deliver this kind of experience, your team needs the time to do so. Time is precious, and how we allocate it shapes our success. Have you ever documented all daily tasks in your practice, assessing their value versus time-wasting activities? Having the time is about priorities, so it’s worth finding out what you can automate to reallocate your time. 

Dentally Portal offers your practice the ability to distribute secure electronic forms to your patients automatically before their appointment or at check-in allowing them to complete their own medical history at a time and place that suits them. Practices using Online Forms have seen 32 hours of saved time per month on average with repetitive tasks such as form printing, distribution and inputting of data eliminated…what could you do with this time? 

3. Extend Experience Beyond The Practice 

As we’ve already alluded to, Portal features a suite of tools which patients can access from any location so a great experience starts before they even arrive. By allowing patients to book an appointment and complete forms anywhere, you keep complete control while delivering a great experience.  

With additional Dentally features like online reviews with Working Feedback or Dentally Integrated Payments you can ensure you’re delivering an end to end experience that will set you apart. We’ve seen that practices who use Portal see up to 30 new patients per month, helping to grow their practice revenue and deliver more great healthcare.  

Introducing Dentally Portal will give you the time to welcome patients as they enter the practice and ensure that the appointments flow seamlessly. It enables you to maintain control of the things that matter to you, whilst empowering your patients to take control of their own oral health journey, find out more today.