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Unmasking IT myths: Leveraging cloud technology for your dental practice

In the rapidly changing landscape of technology and dental practice management, the transition to cloud is often surrounded by misconceptions, especially when it comes to IT. 

  • Myth #1 moving to the cloud is too expensivedentally-art-05-1

  • Myth # 2 the IT to support cloud technology is complicated

  • Myth #3 I have no support when I move to cloud

  • Myth #4 I will have to upgrade all my hardware to run cloud

  • Myth #5 cloud technology is slow and not reliable

  • Myth #6 my team won’t be able to use it

Today, we unravel a few of those myths and explore how cloud can transform your dental practice, and help you grow your business. 

Myth #1 moving to the cloud is too expensive. 

One of the most common misconceptions is that cloud computing is too expensive and requires large upfront investment and high ongoing maintenance costs. This is simply not true, cloud technology can save money and reduce costs in the long run, as it eliminates the need to purchase, install, upgrade and maintain expensive high spec hardware and servers. It can streamline your practice workflow and improve efficiency from day one to help you optimise your chair time and reduce the admin burden. 

Myth # 2 the IT to support cloud technology is complicated. 

The IT to run cloud technology, and solutions, such as Dentally’s practice management software, is simple and does not require technical expertise or knowledge to learn. Developed with ease of use at its core, it’s user friendly by design which makes software adoption a much smoother process for your team, whatever IT skills they may have. 

It is simple to run, you don’t need to invest in complex infrastructure or expensive hardware or devices, it is compatible with multiple operating systems (both Windows and Mac), and you just need an internet connection and to download the Chrome web browser. In the rare case that you lose your internet connection, you can run a data hotspot on your mobile using a 3G or 4G data connection or use a backup router with a SIM card – so your practice can continue running smoothly. 

Myth #3 I have no support when I move to cloud. 

Support with cloud technology is much easier, no more waiting in a queue to an impersonal offshore call centre, simply click on the support chat icon in the software and use live chat to speak to a dedicated support team. Alternatively, you can choose to self-serve support through the easy-to-use help centre with simple help guides and tutorials - Available 24 hours a day and written for the user in mind, not an engineer! 

Myth #4 I will have to upgrade all my hardware to run cloud. 

You won’t need to upgrade all your hardware, plus you don’t need a server to run your software as it is stored safely on the cloud. There is no need to use or maintain power hungry or expensive servers on site. This also means there is better data security, protecting you from data loss as a result of theft or a hardware failure in your system. 

Myth #5 cloud technology is slow and not reliable. 

Dentally cloud-based software is backed up multiple times during the day, and it’s all done using advanced, automatic procedures. This means you can do away with worrying about rotating data tapes and external hard drives. We test the backups for you as well, taking the hassle of everyday data management out of your hands. 

Dentally makes small, frequent system updates - usually daily. These micro updates enable a steady progression, and evolution when it comes to improvements to our software’s features and functionality. Dentally is all about ease of use, and you’ll never be confronted with major system changes. Refreshing your browser is all it takes to benefit from our daily updates - no restarts, no downtime, no hassle. 

Cloud software will never slow you down, its resilience means you never have to think about when you can run a certain report in case it slows your system down, that is a concern you simply won’t have. Cloud computing services run on a worldwide network of highly secure data centres, using the most efficient technology available. You can rely on the service that enables you to scale and work productively - when you need to. 

Myth #6 my team won’t be able to use it. 

Cloud technology is intuitive, Dentally’s software is written in a way that users can understand and learn - they embrace the move as the training and support they receive, leaves them feeling empowered. They can really benefit from the tools in making their daily ‘to do’ list much more manageable - even allowing them to spend more time talking to patients (rather than feeling like a constant treadmill of admin and telephone call reminders!). 

Move to cloud technology.  

Those myths have met their match, so it is time for you to bid farewell to the burden of practice admin and empower your team with automation. For your dental practice, cloud brings a host of benefits including: 

  • Saves money and resources. 

  • No need for complex and expensive IT dentally-art-06-1

  • Shared infrastructure allows for speed and resilience. 

  • Instant updates and automatic back-ups 

  • No downtime for maintenance 

  • Real time views and reporting without delays. 

  • Multiple users and devices 

  • Interconnectivity with other platforms to leverage the power of cloud technology. 

  • Security is at the heart of cloud. 

  • Simple to learn and use, with powerful automation tools to support your team and ease the admin burden.

    Leverage the power of cloud for your dental practice, welcome to Dentally - the future in practice. You can learn more about the true meaning of cloud here or contact our team today.