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Take the stress out of user security with Dentally

Did you know that the highest security risk to any system is usually the behaviour of its users?  

At Dentally, we appreciate the amount of sensitive data you and your team handle throughout the day – that's why security is at the heart of everything we do. 

With tough security features that make every login safe, you can build trust with your patients whilst having complete peace of mind that their data is only being accessed by those authorised. 

Let’s take a closer look. 

Two factor authentication 

In addition to a strong password, Dentally has built a secondary layer of security that can be made compulsory for all your staff upon login – two-factor authentication. 

If enabled, a time-sensitive one-time-password (OTP) will be generated via an authenticator app on the user's phone, such as Authy or Google Authenticator, which must be entered to complete the login. 

The option for a code to be sent to their mobile via SMS can also be made mandatory, in addition to or as an alternative to the OTP – allowing you to rest easy, especially if your staff are working remotely. 


At Dentally, we encourage you and your team to use our software in a way that works for you. Being cloud-based, Dentally offers you the flexibility to work from multiple sites or from home with just an internet connection. To safeguard the logins that take place from somewhere other than your practice, you have the option to create a safe list of alternative locations by IP address – restricting logins from anywhere that’s not on this list. 

You can also limit logins by time. Another great feature that lets you restrict users to only being able to access Dentally during working hours for example. 

Permission levels 

At Dentally, we provide a role-based administration system for user accounts. There are 5 roles available within Dentally that can be allocated by the admin user to ensure your team only has access to what is necessary for their role: Reception

  • 0 - No Access (Access Level 0) 

  • 1 - Reception (Access Level 1) 

  • 2 - Standard Practitioner (Access Level 2) 

  • 3 - Practice Manager (Access Level 3) 

  • 4 - Administrator (Access level 4) 

From reporting capabilities to who can take payment, each role has a default list of settings that can be viewed here, however, they can be customised further to you and your practice needs. 

Active sessions 

There may be times where you need to review who at your practice is currently using Dentally, and how they are using it. This can be done by users with the correct permissions, allowing them to view: 

  • When a user last logged in 

  • When a user last accessed something in Dentally 

  • The browser and operating system that a user was using 

  • The IP address that a user is signed in from 

However, you use or wish to use Dentally, you can feel rest assured that your patient and practice data is safe in the cloud. To talk to our team more about our commitment to your security, get in touch today!