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Customer Success Programme

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An Elevate Partnership Story

As we wrap up our series on Dentally's Customer Success Programme, we understand that dental practices are facing unique challenges in today's fast-paced world. With increasingly limited time and resources, it can be difficult to focus on business growth. Our Elevate Programme is designed specifically for practices like yours, with the goal of making customer success and business growth easily achievable, even in challenging times. We've seen it in action, and the evidence is overwhelming. Our Elevate consultants have helped numerous practices overcome obstacles, streamline operations, and achieve remarkable results.

Today we share just one of these stories from one of our partner practices: Taylored Dental Care. Their experience with Dentally and the Elevate Programme showcases the true impact of our working alongside one of Dentally’s Customer Success Consultants, David Rutherford, on their day-to-day workflows. Let's delve into their story to discover how Dentally has transformed their practice and empowered their team.

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Why did Taylored Dental Care choose to partner with Dentally?

‘Dentally was an easy choice for us. We needed a truly cloud based solution to be able to monitor sites remotely and a host of benefits that cloud based technology brings e.g. offsite access for the team, easy updates etc.

We were also impressed with the range of reports and the ability to customise reports to our own needs. Dentally has improved and continues to do so, it feels like they are growing with us and really staying up to date. The support from the Elevate programme really has been second to none, a real unexpected bonus and truly invaluable.’

How has partnering with the Dentally Elevate Programme improved your practice and benefitted your team

‘We were really shocked at some of our stats. I consider myself to be all over the numbers of our business but a number of metrics had been off my radar, things like recall efficiency and others. Elevate has been great at highlighting areas of improvement then not only showing us where we could improve but then show us how to improve them. It has been wonderful to see those weaker areas improve and then shoot well past benchmark figures’

By choosing Dentally, Taylored Dental Care gained access to a truly cloud based dental software, customisable reports, and continuous updates that align with their evolving needs. Through Elevate, they not only discovered hidden metrics but also received invaluable guidance on how to improve those areas, resulting in outstanding progress for their practice. Here’s what their Customer Success Consultant, David Rutherford had to say:

‘it’s been lovely working alongside Amy and Carl getting to be a true extension of their team. We’ve continued to enhance existing processes with best practice advice based on their data. This has not only benefited the business but more importantly got patients back to the dentist.

Given their focus on nervous patients this is invaluable to the local area and ultimately boosting the healthcare of the nation - all this while increasing profits which can be reinvested back into the practices.’

At Dentally, we are committed to partnering with practices like Taylored Dental Care, listening to their needs, and evolving our solutions to meet the demands of modern dental practice management.

In the hustle and bustle of daily practice, it's easy to overlook crucial metrics that impact your success. That's where Elevate shines. By uncovering hidden insights and providing actionable guidance, we empower you to take control of your practice's performance. Whether it's improving recall efficiency, enhancing patient satisfaction, or maximising revenue opportunities, our consultants will be by your side every step of the way.

So, if you're ready to take your practice to new heights, we invite you to book some time with our dedicated Dentally team today. Let us show you how our Elevate Programme can simplify your path to customer success and business growth.