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Improving patient communications

The last year has been challenging for dental practitioners. There is no denying that practices have had many obstacles to overcome to deliver the best possible patient care throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Now as some new form of normality approaches, Dentally understands that practices need to keep their patients up to date with the newly emerging journey. 

At Dentally, we guarantee that all of your correspondence can be handled with ease and tailored to all communication preferences - no matter your patient's technological abilities. We also appreciate that not all of your patients will be comfortable using digital communication and would favour a physical letter or telephone call. Whether the patient requires SMS, Email, telephone or postal updates our automated patient communications mean you can rest assured that they will be up to date regardless of their preferences. dentally-illustration_patient comms-1

Let’s take a look at how Dentally’s correspondence methods can benefit your practice - making it inclusive to your patients and quick and easy for you and your team. 

Correspondence Templates

Dentally understands that amidst your busy schedule as a practitioner creating documents of similar substance multiple times can become an additional load. Our practice management software gives you the option to use a template so that you won't have to format every one of your documents each time a new one is required. 

When you are creating a new piece of correspondence, a template can be easily added- making your life simpler by containing the details you might only want to think about once. You can tailor your template to ensure it remains on-brand with practice logos, headed paper and specified fonts and styles - serving as the ideal starting point for a new letter, SMS or email. 

Data tags within Dentally’s templates allow for you to send out personalised messages every time without having to do any additional typing for instance a patient’s name or their registered dentist. We understand that ensuring your patients feel valued is important and sending out information tailored to them is a definitive way to keep your patients up to date and a top priority. 

Dentally Mail 

The Dentally mail system is an ultimate time, hassle and expense saving tool that allows you to make the most out of templates. The system allows you to automate paper mail to patients - within a few clicks, your mail is printed, packaged and posted from a Dentally selected processing centre and sent straight to your patient's letterbox using second or first class - depending on your practice preferences. We know that complete control over your outgoing correspondence is important to you and with Dentally’s posted letter reports, you can not only see who the mail is being sent to but also remove patients from the list - ultimately stopping a letter from being sent. Additionally, you can keep  track of not only this form of Dentally mail but also mail that has been printed manually - helping you stay up to date with all of your correspondence. 

Telephone calling

Within Dentally, outbound telephone calls can easily and quickly be made directly from your patient's record using just your internet connection and browser. So whether your team is working remotely or from within the practice you know that they can make important telephone calls. Returning missed calls and cancelling future appointments is also simplified within Dentally and it is easy to set your Caller ID to appear as your practice number so your patients know who is calling and will be more likely to answer. 

dentally-illustration_work_from_anywhere-1Additionally, all call details are logged and the member of staff making the call can make notes on the patient’s record as they go if they wish. This ensures all important information can instantly be noted down - eliminating the risk of losing vital details written in note pads or on bits of paper - increasing the efficiency of your practice once more. 

Two-way patient SMS and emails

To further help with correspondence, Dentally allows you to send, receive and reply to SMS and email messages. This means that you will never have to worry about missing an incoming message from a patient. All of the messages are assigned to the patients automatically or if for example a patient moves or changes a contact number - manually by the staff. We know how important it is that you can keep track of all outgoing correspondence to patients so Dentally records this and keeps note of the correspondence sequence - so that you don't have to. 

As a successful practice, you may often need to send a message to multiple numbers of patients and Dentally assists you with this too - in just six clicks! Simply set up a bulk patient message, using filtered sections from Patients Report and templates, proofread and send them off. A simple and efficient way to keep your patients up to date whilst saving you time. 

Of course, there may be situations when a patient requires a more personal touch - we understand that no two patients are the same. Within Dentally you can create individualised emails or SMS - all you have to do is Create new correspondence from a patient's correspondence tab, send your message and wait for a reply! You don't have to worry about not receiving a reply as all replies automatically come into your inbox and Dentally notifies you of this. 

Don’t forget - two-way patients SMS and emails are another perfect way to utilise Dentally’s correspondence templates.

Communication is vital in the successful running of your dental practice - making sure every patient is kept up to date by their preferred method of communication ensures you are always striving to keep patient care at the top of your priorities. Talk to our team today to see how Dentally’s correspondence methods can help you make the best out of your practice. Email us or visit our website to find out more about Dentally’s features.