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HICAPS and Steri tracking updates

At Dentally, we are always working hard to ensure that our software takes the stress out of everyday practice life. We consistently implement background changes to make your day run more smoothly, no matter where you are - whether you are on-site or working remotely.

Recently we have provided practices with the ability to document sterilised instrument codes in a patient record - used during their appointment. 

A sterilisation tracking code or Batch Control Identification (BCI) relates to the sterilisation cycle for the instruments used during the patient's procedure, allowing the practice to create a list of patients based on the BCI should the need arise. Dentally Ease of use

With Dentally, you can now allocate sterilisation codes to an appointment, search for sterilisation codes and view audit trails. To find out more about this new feature take a look at our handy help article here.  

Don't forget we have a whole suite full of helpful articles documenting all our updates and new features, so you always know how to use Dentally, and we can continue to take the stress out of your everyday practice life. Visit our website whenever you need help at