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Patient Portal

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Revolutionise your reception team with Dentally

For many patients, your reception team are the face of your business – they're the first port of call when they phone the practice and they’re the first ‘hello’ when they attend their appointment. That's why at Dentally, we want to equip you with tools that both support and enhance the role of your reception team.

We’ve developed a whole host of powerful cloud enabled tools tailored to practices like you, so your team can spend less time on admin and more time on patient care.

Let’s take you through a snapshot of a typical morning as a member of the reception team using Dentally’s cloud enabled reception tools:

7:45 AM – It’s time to log on for the day and you open your appointment book to see a gap filled in the afternoon that was previously empty due to a last-minute cancellation. Thanks to the new Online Booking system that was introduced, a patient was able to view the open slot last night and book in for the last-minute appointment, without having to speak to the reception team.Reception

8:00 AM – Your first patient of the day has arrived, feeling slightly anxious. As all their forms were completed prior to their appointment using the Portal, no further admin is needed meaning they can avoid a prolonged (and potentially nerve-wracking) wait time by being brought into see the practitioner immediately which they’re extremely grateful for.

8:05 AM – As your next patients start to filter through, all having completed their forms online, every appointment is running on time. You have the chance to give them all a warm welcome and offer any refreshments.

8:25 AM – Your first patient has just come out of their appointment feeling very relieved. You can see from the clinical notes that they have been advised follow up treatment. You reassure the patient that they can login via the Portal to review their treatment plan at a time that suits them and to sign and make payment. Having recently introduced Online Booking, the phone lines are now quieter than they've ever been, so you mention that if they have any queries regarding the treatment plan, you're just a phone call away!

10:15 AM – As another patient finishes up at their check-up; they return to the reception desk to find out their next steps. With a security deposit already having been taken for the appointment prior to arrival via Dentally Portal, no further payment is needed as it has already covered the appointment total. All that’s left to do is to book their next quarterly check-up and they’re free to leave.

11:00 AM – You are notified that you have received a new review from the patient you saw earlier – they mentioned how impressed they were with the smooth and quick exit workflow!

11:55 AM – Between patients, you can see that your new summer whitening incentive launched today with automatic emails being sent to your patient base with an exclusive discount code. You’re pleased to see that a handful of bookings have already been made with upfront payments using the discount code feature. You read up on Dentally’s Help Centre as to how you can produce a report that displays all of the new bookings made off the back of this campaign so you can present the campaign’s success to the practice manager at the end of the week.

12:00 AM – It’s time for lunch and you can relax knowing that Dentally will keep things running smoothly behind the scenes.

We want to help you achieve experiences like this in your practice. Enhance the efficiency of your reception team and build a happier practice environment. Discover Dentally, your complete cloud software for more effective practice management today – talk to our team to get started.