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Enhancing your experience with exceptional support

We have all encountered the frustration of being stuck in a telephone queue, desperately wanting to speak to someone for assistance or just to ask a question.

In dentistry, patient care is your priority - so the last thing you need is for your reception team to be sat in a telephone queue instead of taking care of patients or handling urgent calls.

Dentally’s commitment to providing exceptional service brings a new standard to practice management software support, evident with our live chat feature and comprehensive help centre.

Dentally’s live chat enables you to seek assistance, with access to an automated bot who truly understands your question or the option to be immediately connected to a real person. Whether it's a query on how to amend your calendar, a payment or invoice concern or for general guidance on running a report - with Dentally you can be connected to our experienced support team in the real time. This instant communication is a game changer for your team, allowing them to open the chat box on their screen, addressing their query seamlessly without disrupting their daily workflow or patient care.

Key features of our live chat include:

  • ElliePrompt response time: Dentally recognises the value of your time in your busy practice. Live chat provides users with quick responses, minimises downtime and allows them to focus on patients.

  • Dedicated support team: Dentally live chat is staffed by a team of knowledgeable and friendly people and can provide users with accurate solutions or guidance as needed.

  • User friendly interface: Our live chat is designed with simplicity in mind, making it convenient for your team to seek assistance without accessing multiple screens.

  • No telephone queues: No need to spend minutes or hours wasted on the phone, connect without interruption to the Dentally team.

In addition to live chat, our comprehensive and searchable help centre provides users with simple to use and step by step guides, videos, tutorials and articles on an extensive range of subjects that cover all aspects of our software, 24/7.

If you're considering a switch in your practice management software, opt for a solution not only designed in collaboration with Australian dentists and easy to use but one that provides your team with the best possible support whenever they need it. Choose Dentally – where exceptional support meets intuitive dental practice management.