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October 2023 Product Update

banner🦷 Introducing the Dentally October Changelog 

 As we transition into the crisp, colourful days of October, we're thrilled to share the latest product update, where we've been focused on refining your Dentally Portal experience to ensure you have all the tools needed to provide a top-notch patient experience. You can expect to see;  

  • Multiple improvements and enhancements were made to the medical history function when being signed online, including our new one-question-at-a-time accessible layout.  
  • Smoother, quicker, and more efficient payment workflows for your patients, helping you to increase your treatment adoption and protect your income.
  • As well as the release of our new practitioner availability guide, which makes creating new online appointments easier than ever before.  

Read the full changelog here for all the details and more!