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Revolutionise your reception team with... online payments from Dentally Portal

At Dentally, we pride ourselves on leveraging the power of cloud to deliver our practices a complete and secure software solution. As part of this mission, our team wants to equip yours with all necessary the tools to carry out a seamless patient experience – one that minimises admin time and puts patient care at the forefront. 

In today’s reception focus blog, we are going to be looking at all things payment within Dentally Portal. 

Peace of mind with Dentally deposits 

With any business that delivers a service, minimising FTAs and last-minute cancellations can prove challenging. However, with the right tools: 

  • Dentally Portal - Online Appointment BookingTask automation that streamlines processes, freeing up phone lines to make cancellations within a reasonable period 

  • Strategic recalls that make it harder for your patient to forget their pre-booked appointment 

  • An Online Booking system that allows patients to reschedule to a time that suits them as soon as arrangements occur that means they can’t attend 

You can feel confident that you’re putting your best foot forward to protect chair time, and more importantly, see patients that could have potentially worsening dental health problems. 

As well as this, did you know that Dentally, enables you to take upfront deposits when patients book online? Adding this extra layer of security may be all that’s needed to encourage them to attend their upcoming appointment. 

These payments are completely secure and can reduce the stress on your admin team by minimising the need to chase cancellation fees later down the line. As well as this, if the upfront payment covers the treatment total, this can also speed up the patient’s workflow as no payment will need to be taken following their appointment – yet again, creating a smoother experience for the patient and less admin for your team. 

Seamless treatment payments 

With Dentally Portal, you can also offer patients the option to pay for their treatment post appointment digitally – perfect for patients on the go. Integrating seamlessly with the patient’s record, any outstanding payments can be automatically sent via SMS/email or viewed clearly on their dashboard, allowing any outstanding monies to be paid. 

Maintain a seamless patient experience in your practice with secure digital payments fully integrated within Dentally Portal, find out more today.