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Attract, retain and support your team

Today, staff shortages across many businesses in the region continue to be a difficult challenge to overcome - Meaning, attracting and retaining staff for your dental practice will be high on your agenda. 

Remuneration is of course an important factor in light of the rising costs of living but so is providing your team with a place of work that they feel comfortable in and an environment they want to be in. Your staff will want to experience a feeling of value, have the opportunity to progress and feel empowered to give the best possible care to your patients. 

Retaining your existing staff members by providing them with tools that enable them to do their work effortlessly and effectively is important, whether they are working on your practice admin, communicating with patients or are practitioners delivering clinical care in surgery.

Practice management software for your dental practice can support your staff retention by removing the burden of admin, while it can also help you to attract new members through its ease of use and the opportunity to earn more through a thriving patient base.

Effortless working

Managing workloads, setting tasks and good internal communication is all made simple with Dentally’s easy to use reporting, tasks lists and chat functionality. So your team can work together and enjoy their work - ensuring they have more than adequate time to focus on caring for patients.

Removing effort from repetitive tasks will always be popular among your team. Using automation to optimise your practice efficiency is an essential tool, keeping everything running smoothly in your practice, taking care of day to day admin and ensuring your patient communication is consistent.

new-illustrations_patient comms

Automated patient communications in Dentally are simple to set up, allowing you to send messages to patients that can be scheduled around certain events such as appointments, invoice creation or new estimates. There are many different scenarios when this feature can really help your practice, from sending out online medical history forms, appointment reminders and much more! This will free up your team’s time to focus on other elements of their role.

Another simple to use feature that again saves time is recall automation - importantly it also helps you keep your appointment book filled, so conversations are easier and delivered via a patient’s preferred contact method in a timely manner. 

Don’t just take our word for it!


It is not just your admin team that will benefit, as a clinician and practice owner, Dentally from Henry Schein One, offers a whole host of benefits. But don’t just take our word for it; we recently spoke to Dr. Cihad G. Atlihan who shared his experience of moving to Dentally.

During 2021, Dr Atlihan took over ownership of Dr Mesut Komser Dental Surgery in Blair Street, Melbourne, which was a paper based practice that has been serving the local community for the past 30 years. Dr Atlihan decided to move to a digital practice management system to modernise the practice and its processes - so chose Dentally. 

What would your staff say are the benefits for them?

“I think the nursing staff would say they can organise their day better, they know who is coming in and when which means they can get their clinical trays ready in advance - they can be proactive now.

For the reception team, I think they just like all the information being in front of them and improving patient communication, along with giving them time to talk to patients in the waiting area, putting them at ease. Before they would be too busy checking patients in, finding the relevant patient record, and they just weren't able to provide the best service”.

As a practice owner, how do you find the system?

“Real-time data is so important. The data opens the door for so many things for us. The reporting overview is really good. I can now see exactly what my takings are for the day, I can see my billings and that of the other dentists, I can reconcile it with my HICAPS claims and I can easily identify bad debts….The financial side is really valuable to my practice”

To read the full interview simply click here: 

Our training is tailored to your team

We do appreciate that if you are considering moving from an existing system (digital or paper), that your team may naturally feel a little nervous - so you can rely on us to work with you collaboratively to alleviate any fears and ensure your staff are fully trained so they are able to learn and embrace it.

Ease of use is at the heart of the Dentally ethos, and our team is committed to ensuring that every part of our software is simple to use - for all members of your team, whatever their skill set or confidence with IT.   

Email our team today to find out a little more about how Dentally can help you retain and attract your staff - and keep your business on track.