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Dentally - working the way you work

Did you know that with Dentally you can opt to give staff with one overall permission level the ability to be able to access more functions?  This allows you to completely tailor your staff permission levels to reflect the way you want to work. Dentally allows you to be secure, but flexible enough to carry on delivering great patient care.

Let’s see how they might work with a couple of examples, showing how useful it could be to reduce your admin workload on staff.

Receptionist - Level 1 permissions Why Dentally - Exceptional patient experience

A Receptionist, currently with Level 1 permissions can now, if you allow it, see the Takings Report for a week allowing them to run more ranged reports or check on previous days’ figures if required, reducing the admin burden on your Practice Manager.

Those users can also be allowed to edit correspondence templates without having full access to the settings menu, reducing the need to call on the Practice Manager or wait until a Level 4 (Administrator) is available. This will really help with the overall, non-clinical patient experience, your reception staff members can get on with their daily tasks without the need for input from admin users to change the system set up for them.

Remember - this is an additional option. You have the control to allow individual staff members these permissions if you wish.

Dentist - Level 2 permissions

Another example; your practitioners in surgery with usual level 2 permissions can be allowed to remove invoices if required, this means that editing charged treatment plans if a mistake has been made can be handled by trusted members of the team, rather than relying on an admin staff member to do this.  This will speed up the time in surgery and negates the need for the Dentist to wait for someone else to do this little job for them, helping to make the entire visit seamless and straightforward for patients.

N.B. Only those who already have Level 4 (Administrator) permissions can make these changes.

Dentally working flexibly with youdentally-illustration_work_from_anywhere-1
Just two examples of how Dentally’s security options can be as flexible as you want while keeping you as secure as you need.  Take a look at our Permission Levels support page here with our section giving you more information about the flexible opt-in security settings for your users here.

Our support team are always on hand to help and guide you through making any changes. Contact us through the Dentally app or at