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Smarter finances with Dentally Elevate

Financial management of your business can take time, and this is certainly a commodity that can be precious in today’s world of dentistry - and everyday life in general!

At Dentally we understand that you don’t have time to run long reports (that also slow down your software if your running them using a traditional hosted on premise solution) - so we leverage the power of our cloud enabled practice management software to ensure that you have all the data you need at your fingertips and instantly!

Our Customer Success Programme, Elevate, has been developed to help you to take a fresh approach to the way you manage your practice. Working with our experienced team who will show you how to use the wealth of data that sits within Dentally so you can manage your dental practice effectively and profitably.

Your Elevate consultant will take a collaborative approach and help you to identify the areas of potential and show you how to get the best out of the powerful reporting tools within the software - whether you are looking to identify unfinished treatment plans, review your income report or just have a snapshot at your daily takings.

Powerful reporting

There are some valuable real time reports within Dentally that we will take you through and ensure you can use them to their full potential. These include:

  • dentally-art-03b-1

    Income report - allows you to track all your accounts and allocates payments to a practitioner.

  • Takings report - essential for reviewing the takings for a day, whether you are looking for a breakdown of payments or methods against a practitioner and ensure that invoices are all up to date.

  • Treatment plan report - a useful report for identifying treatments that are ongoing or need to be booked in or patients that need chasing - helping you to optimise your earning potential and forecast.

These are just a few of the many reports that you have in Dentally. As part of the Elevate programme we will help you to get the best out of these reports - so that you have the insights you need to make informed decisions and increase your revenue. 

Increase your earnings

We understand that it is not just day to day financial reporting but also a view of the future and the income that you can make accurate forecasts and plan accordingly.

We will work with you to help you review your financial management across the practice; so that you can be sure you are recognising all of the income generated, which practitioners and treatments are generating income (and which might be losing), increase treatment update and much more!

Empowering you

Cloud enabled software from Dentally, backed by our new Elevate Customer Success programme means that you can be confident that your practice can operate profitably and deliver the financial results you need to run your business.

Talk to our team today by emailing or to read more about our Elevate Programme click here.