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Navigating the cost of living crisis: Streamlining dental practice expenses with all-in-one software

In light of the ongoing cost-of-living challenges, dental practices are being presented with a unique opportunity to reassess their operational strategies and identify avenues for enhanced cost efficiency. It's a chance for practices to optimise workflows and resource allocation to ensure financial stability - all while continuing to deliver top-notch patient experiences.  

Investing in an all-in-one practice management software is one way of ensuring that practice growth remains a priority without the headache of managing multiple software subscriptions. Think of it as a one-stop-shop that streamlines operations whilst maintaining a cost-effective approach to your dental practice management.  

Operational Efficiency

With the current cost-of-living crisis and a shortage of staff in the industry, making work easier for your team is crucial. Simplifying workflows and keeping everything in one place cuts down on time spent on boring admin stuff all whilst minimising the risk of human error. That means your staff can spend more time where it really matters, taking care of patients - potentially mitigating the need for additional personnel amid rising labour costs too. However, if you are on the hunt for new personnel, task automation can help ‘bridge the gap’ until your new hires come on board. 

Thanks to the powerful features of Dentally Portal, from effortless patient management to streamlined appointment scheduling and financial tracking, your team can redirect their focus from phone calls and paperwork to providing exceptional patient care. With tools that automate and seamlessly organise appointment scheduling, pre and post appointment forms and much more, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that no task is being forgotten even if you are low on staff -Dentally Portal performs as an extension to your team, ensuring a stress-free day-to-day for both your team and your patients.  

Financial Management 

Now more than ever, it’s vital to keep an even closer eye on your financials. With one complete solution that looks after billing, invoicing, claims and financial reporting, you can get a clearer view of the ‘big picture’ without having to sift through and consolidate reports from multiple software. Instead, you can run quick and intuitive reports customised to your exact requirements – minimising errors and helping you to navigate financial challenges more effectively.  

Having access to detailed analytics and reporting within an all-in-one system doesn’t have to mean you lose access to some of your favourite tools. Our third-party integrations create a seamless workflow with Dentally so that can make informed decisions with ease and stay ahead in challenging times – read more about our integrations here. 

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A complete software is your budget's best friend. With fewer subscriptions and tools to manage, overall software costs drop, giving your practice a clearer and more predictable budget. It's about doing more with less, all while maintaining essential operations. 

Being cloud based, for example, enables Dentally users to have remote access and management, allowing flexibility in operations and potentially reducing infrastructure costs associated with on-premise systems. 

Dentally Vision, our latest development, means that you can use your dental imagery for more than just Charting. Without any added steps, you can utilise high quality diagnostic images that are fully integrated in Dentally to; consult with colleagues over the best treatment options and explain oral health advice with real-time visual aids. Being part of a one fee, complete practice management software you can wave goodbye to costly IT or servers to store your images, maintenance and the need for separate applications or imaging bridges – you have everything you need at your fingertips. 

Patient Experience 

Focusing solely on numbers might seem appealing, but there are other things that can also boost overall practice growth too. At Dentally we want to help you optimise your messaging strategy with ease. Recalls and pre/post appointment communication can be automated to be sent at just the right time using your patient’s preferred contact method, be it text, email or letter. Better communication with patients using tools that engage them can improve patient care, leading to higher satisfaction. When patients are happier, they're more likely to stick around and recommend your practice to others, which helps your revenue, especially in tough economic times. 

By consolidating various practice management functions into a single software solution, dental practices can adapt more efficiently to the cost-of-living crisis, controlling costs, optimising resources, and maintaining high-quality patient care amidst economic uncertainties. Find out how you can start making ‘quick wins’ and longer term savings with Dentally’s cloud enabled dental practice software, talk to us today.