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Practice Manager Focus: Dentally your new best friend

Dentally understands that your dental practice can be a  complex environment that requires varied and different skills within your team. Each role within your practice team is fundamental to the success of your business, and ensuring your team feels supported is of equal importance. 

This month at Dentally, we are shifting our focus to practice managers - often the glue that holds your practice together. Practice managers have a lot of work and responsibilities to balance, from finances and reporting to ensuring appointments numbers are up and completed - they need practice management software to help them in their hectic daily schedule. Dentally's easy to use cloud-enabled software provides the ultimate toolkit - we are going to take a look at how your practice manager can utilise Dentally's lightning-fast reporting features to improve their workload, better understand the finances of the business and ultimately streamline the practice.

Income ReportWhy Dentally - Time reporting - illustration

Dentally’s Income Report is one of many reports within the software that provides a great insight into the practices financial accounts. Practice managers must be aware of the financial goings-on of the business- the income report can be used, with the correct permission levels, to keep track of invoices, payments and allocations. 

Every paid invoice within Dentally is allocated, by the report, to a specific practitioner. This means that the practice manager knows where all payments are going, why they are going there and to whom. The income report allows practice managers and those with correct permission levels to see how much each practitioner has earned.  Read more about the Income Report here. 

Takings Report

Although both financial reports, the Takings Report is not to be confused with the Income Report. The Takings Report plays an essential part in how your practice manager reviews the daily practice takings. They can easily view how much should have been taken for the day and break down and compare the expected amount with individual payments and methods by each practitioner.  The Takings Report means your practice manager knows what is happening with the daily finances and ensures that they are up to date whilst the cash flow remains consistent. 

Your practice manager can also view any patient-specific invoices by clicking a simple link within the Takings Report. This link will take them to the selected patient record, meaning they can check for any anomalies and identify any payment errors. After all, your practice is your business - ensuring there are no payment mistakes is vital to its success. Read more about the Takings Report here. 

Patients Report

The Patients Report is a hugely powerful tool within Dentally's cloud-enabled software - delivering immensely useful insights directly to your practice manager. The Patients Report holds the ability to segment patient record data using an array of filters on almost every aspect of each patient's data.  Using the Patients Report allows the practice manager to configure a report tailored to their exact requirements whenever they need them. 

By using the data gained through the Patients Report, the practice manager can use the knowledge to enhance the practice's patient correspondence. They can identify specific patient groups, those in need of recalls, the value of each treatment and appointment, patient accounts and even postcode catchment areas.  The ability of the data gained through the Patient Report in bettering your practice is almost unlimited so long as your practice manager understands the magnitude of its usefulness and importance.  See how your practice manager can implement the Patients Report into their day here. 

 Appointments ReportWhy Dentally - Lightening fast reporting

With the Appointment Report, the following processes are easy - identify appointments, booking methods, cancellations and their reason. The data gained can help practice managers to understand the practice and make any necessary changes to help streamline its running. 

Keep your appointment books full and cash flowing into the practice with the Appointment Report. Practice managers can, for example, create a list of patients that need contact, whether overdue a check-up, missed an appointment or need additional treatment. Lists made in Dentally can be exported and your practice manager can work through the list calling directly from the patient record and getting the patient booked into the practice ASAP.  Read more about the Appointment Report here. 

Practitioners Report

The Practitioner Activity Report can be a useful tool for practice managers when a report on treatments carried out over a particular time parameter is required. Filter the time range in the Practitioner Activity Report and use the filters again to narrow the search - by the practitioner, payment plan, treatment category or by item-specific.  

The Practitioner Activity Report will show practice managers paid and unpaid work allocated to each practitioner over a selected time frame - helping them monitor workloads and track cost-effectiveness within the practice. 

Your practice manager is fundamental to your practice. They take care of your staff, your finances and the day to day running of your practice.  They are constantly busy. Ensure your practice manager is supported with the best practice management software out there - as the glue that ties your practice together, they deserve it. Dentally can help you to help your practice manager with our easy to use tools. Talk to the team at to find out we can help your practice now.