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Minimise staff reluctance to change software with the cloud...

Taking the step to change practice management  software is no mean feat. At Dentally, we understand that the idea of change can be daunting to some staff members who are used to your current practice software. As a dental practitioner there are many factors to consider;  Will staff be able to do their job as effectively? Will they make detrimental errors? Will it slow them down? 

Ease of use is something that is ingrained into the heart of Dentally. We want our customers to not only understand our software but to enjoy using it. That’s why we put such a significant focus on creating a software that is simple to learn, adopt and engage with meaning that you and your staff can use it well and start streamlining your practice today. 

Existing support 

While you are taking the decision to move to Dentally we have steps in place to ensure you understand how the software is usable in terms of your day to day practice workflows. We want you to feel informed and comfortable with our software from your initial point of interest. We guide you at every step and once you become a customer we have a knowledge hub where you and your practice staff can read through some Support Documents. From usage FAQs to step by step feature guides and videos we have a large variety of helpful articles -  so that you can see for yourself how you can start implementing Dentally into your practice. Plus our support team is always on hand to help. dentally-illustration_reception

If a more detailed approach is your preferred way of learning then we also have an array of blogs put in place to help you understand how Dentally can both benefit you and your staff whilst saving you time and money. From Dentally feature explanations to more in depth guides on NHS changes and product updates - we have a lot of content in place to maintain our easy to use, customer centric approach. 

Online Demonstrations

Once you have explored our website, you may have specific questions about how we can help you streamline your practice but are still apprehensive about how your staff will respond - why not arrange an online demonstration with a member of our team. Book a session with one of our support team members. You and your staff can sit in on the live demonstration and see in real time how Dentally can be used. 

As a team you’re bound to all have your own questions about implementing Dentally and how it will work for you and your team are happy to help answer these during your online demonstration - putting you and your team's mind at ease and proving how seamless the transition over to Dentally can be for you practice. 

Explore further

If after reading through our website and having a virtual demonstration you decide to join Dentally then we will set you up with what we call a Sandbox account. This is essentially a practice run Dentally software for you and your team to explore the ins and outs of the system with zero consequences  - allowing for you and your team to feel at ease with Dentally’s layout before fully making the switch. 

The Sandbox account allows for you to add staff members to a test version of Dentally with your practice data. From there they can explore the software with copies of patients that they know. So you and your team can really get a feel for what the day to day usage of Dentally would look like within the practice. 

CPD Training Free trial hero copy

You’ve made the decision to join Dentally and you’ve signed up to one of our deals. Don’t worry the support doesn’t stop there we will be with you for a little while yet making sure you feel fully comfortable using Dentally and ensuring that everything is set up how you need it to be. 

We provide you and your practice staff with a full and verifiable CPD training. Our trainers are incredibly experienced professionals who migrate 100s of practices over to Dentally each year. You can rest assured that you and your staff are in the best hands during the migration period. We understand it can be a very daunting experience as you learn the ins and outs of a new system - we do everything to ensure that you and your team are fully comfortable with Dentally before it goes live in your practice. 

After all the training and support we provide you and your team can rest assured that you will not only know how to use Dentally but that you will enjoy it and get the best out of the software for your practice. If you have any queries and want a more personal touch then we are always here to help and support you. 

To learn more about Dentally and how we can help you streamline your dental practice  contact us to start your supported migration over to Dentally today.