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Customer Success Programme

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I’ve made the move to Dentally: What next

We understand that the thought of changing software providers can feel daunting, but at Dentally, responsive support is what we do. Whether we are looking after new or existing customers, large or small dental practices – you can count on us.  

We’re here for the long run  

Once you get started with Dentally, the support doesn’t stop there. With our range of online resources via our Help Centre and our dedicated support team easily accessible through Live Chat, you can feel confident that your whole team will be getting the most out of your software - whether you’re welcoming someone new to your team or introducing your existing staff to the benefits of cloud for the first time. 

And joining our learning toolkit for 2023 is Dentally’s Training Hub! Complete with a library of e-learning courses that cover a range of topics and skills, you can undertake interactive training at a time that suits you. With an extensive collection of awards available for course completion, our Dentally Training hub is a great educational resource to help keep your team engaged and expand their knowledge whilst ensuring you’re optimising your use of the cloud for your practice.  

 Customer Success 

When you join Dentally, you will have the opportunity to be enrolled in our Customer Success Programme, Elevate. Forming the basis of the programme will be regular 1:1 meetings held with your very own Elevate Consultant.  Elevate (5)

Your dedicated Consultant will seek to understand your priorities and aspirations for the practice. Based on this they will 

Tailor the system to your needs and provide practical bespoke advice in using your dental software day-to-day 

  • Support you with understanding the opportunities in your business using benchmarked data 

  • Introduce you to best practices that have delivered tangible outcomes to thousands of practices 

… and most importantly, they will help you to keep on track and applaud your wins - Dentally works with you so that your practice thrives. 

Meetings can be arranged how and when suits you. The amount of time you invest is up to you, but we feel confident that the greater engagement from your practice, the greater value of outcome you will see. From increased bookings and treatment acceptance to reduced failure to attends and last-minute cancellations, whatever challenges you may be facing, we can help you navigate them and emerge stronger, both now and for the future. 

Read more about what you can expect to achieve as part of our Elevate programme here. 

Stay in the know 

As you may know, at Dentally we are constantly evolving our software to bring you the latest in cloud technology for your practice. And as a Dentally user, you’ll always be the first to know: 

  • Look out for weekly blogs that let you know of the latest product updates and tips on how to get the most out of your software 

  • Catch up with our team at our in-person events! We hold exclusive Elevate Workshops that serve as a great educational team day out. You can also find us at the yearly dental showcase events to see all of our latest product developments. 

  • Join us for our monthly webinars where we dive into any challenges that may be facing the dental industry offering best practice advice and guidance. 

Have any questions about the topics discussed in today’s blog? Please get in touch, click here! 

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