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The end-to-end patient experience pt 3

This is the third part in our series on end-to-end patient experience. You can find the other parts at the following links:

Part 1 discussed how a patient discovers your practice and how they can book an appointment.

Part 2 discussed website, point of payment and patient-non medical staff interactions.

In Practice

The in-practice patient experience is where you can make or break ensuring you have a patient for life. It's a truth universally acknowledged, that the vast majority of patients don't look forward to their visit to the dentist. At best, they stiffen their upper lip and get on with it, wary they are in for a painful or costly experience.

It is the practitioners job to elevate this expectation. Huge commitment to the quality of the patient journey is vital. Making the patient the highest priority will lead to huge gains in the long run.

Understand what the patient expects and meet those expectations to the best of your ability. Everyone likes to feel a little bit special so how can you go that little bit further for each patient?

When presenting a treatment plan remember that the patient is generally more receptive to your advised treatment if they are able to visualise the diagnosis and the issues. Present the best options in the most thorough way possible.

Follow up

When it comes to following up with the patient ensure that you do so with their preferred method of contact. With Dentally you can text or email them straight from your practice dental software or you can print letters if they prefer snail mail.

When following up what is the best practice? You should express genuine gratitude for the patient once treatment has been complete. You can get personal if you want and if you feel you know the patient well enough.

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