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Migrating your data to Dentally

The process

As part of the onboarding process at Dentally, we offer the ability to migrate your data across from your old dental software system on to the Dentally platform.

To do this, we start by taking a backup of your old dental software database 3 to 4 weeks before you are due to start using Dentally.

We then migrate this lot of data on to a sandbox environment. This environment allows you the opportunity to review the data, making sure that it has maintained integrity between your old dental software and Dentally.

During this review process an account manager will show you how to review this data and double check that it corresponds with the data that is on your legacy system.

Any tweaks or edits that are necessary to correct the data are made during the review process.

Then the night before the practice is due to come on to Dentally, we take a second backup of the old dental software database so that we have the most up-to-date practice and patient information.

We then run this migration in the evening on to your live Dentally account ready for you to start using the next day.

Any patient images or documents that need to be moved on Dentally are normally too large to take over the internet, so your account manager will take a backup of these when they are at the practice. This data will be imported on to your Dentally account a couple of days after you have gone live.

Why do we do it this way?

We take an initial backup of your data because data accuracy is key to your use of Dentally, from both a medico-legal point of view and in terms of customer happiness.

As well as the review, the initial backup also gives you the opportunity to test the real patient data on Dentally without the fear of messing anything up.

We have found that practice owners and practice staff who practice with the data in the sandbox environment get more comfortable with Dentally ahead of their training days.

Finally, taking the initial backup allows us to make sure that the data is correct before you begin using the software live. It is a lot easier to fix issues at the stage, before the data is being used. This also gives you the benefit of less disruption on your training day.

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