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Improved permission levels

We are delighted to introduce some extra user permission options to Dentally, expanding the remit of certain users to enhance their work within the dental practice and the amount of control you have as an administrator. User Permissions shot

Permission levels are essential for any dental practice, and allow you to control the amount of access users have within the system.  Our latest product development extends the permission levels functionality in Dentally, following feedback from our customers. 

This update creates more customisable permission levels, to allow users to do things that they currently are prevented from doing on their existing permission level - so you can extend their day to day work and effectiveness. This also means that users can be set to a more appropriate security level in some cases and reduces the amount of administrator level users within the practice.  

In addition, it also adds a more restrictive option so that you can prevent users from doing something that is currently allowed on their permission level.

The new permissions settings can be granted to individual users to include the following tasks within Dentally:

  • Bulk editing of appointments
  • Permits invoices to be deleted 
  • Allows payments to be deleted
  • You can now merge patients
  • Stops the discounting of treatments - users can only increase the default price.
  • Hides statistics from the dashboard.

Each of the additional permissions are opt-in only (they are set as default to off) and only apply to permission levels 1, 2 or 3.   Level 4 users can still do everything, as they could before. The existing permission levels remain exactly the same meaning that nothing will change until a practice grants a level 1, 2 or 3 user these extra permissions.  

For example, if you have a practitioner who regularly needs to remove invoices in order to amend charged treatment. You may not wish this particular user to have full level 4 administrative rights, but you would like to allow them to handle the removal of invoices themselves.

Previously these users would need to have a security level of 4 or ask a level 4 user to do this for them. You can now allow the ability of this particular user to remove invoices on their login while they remain as a security level 2 user. You can do this by editing the user entry in the Settings menu and simply ticking the option marked ‘Can delete invoices?’.

We have also allowed the option of restricting who can reduce the prices of charted treatments from the default set in your settings. You may wish to allow certain users to be able to put a fee against a treatment that is usually set to a low default value, but would not wish to allow them to charge a reduced value for treatments.

Using the option against the User’s settings labelled ‘Prevent discounting of treatment prices’ - this user can now only increase the base price set against a treatment. Remember, these treatment prices are set according to the patient’s payment plan against each treatment in the Treatments & Plans area of the Settings menu in Dentally.

Hide Statistics from Dashboard:

If you do not wish specific users to see the practice overview figures on the dashboard screen, you can disable this feature in the user’s permission settings too, leaving only the practice daylist on display. As before, if this option is left unticked, the amount of information displayed on the Dashboard is restricted depending on the security level of the user logged in.

Read the Support documentation here or talk to the team today to learn more and customise your permission fields for users within Dentally.

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