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Correspondence templates

In the final blog in a summary of just some of the patient communications features within Dentally, we focus on correspondence templates and how these can help your practice day to day.

Correspondence Templates

We know how busy you are. If you find yourself creating similar documents over and over again, Dentally gives you the option to use a template so that you won't have to format your documents each time you want to make a new one.

With templates, you not only save time, but ensure that regular outgoing correspondence is clear and consistent at all times.

What is a template?

Dentally Screenshot - create letter template A template is a type of file that automatically creates a copy of itself when you open it.  It makes  your life easy because it contains all the things you only want to think about once.

It is a ready-formatted file that displays however you want it; choose from with logo, or without, for headed paper, font, style, and the right words. Your template can  serve as a starting point for a new letter or SMS or email. 

Easy to personalise with data tags

Dentally Template using Data tagsEveryone likes to receive a personalised message, and using Dentally’s data tags in your templates you can send out personalised messages every time, without having any additional typing.  Add a data tag such as [patient_first_name] and [patient_next_appointment] to ensure that each patient receives the information that’s pertinent to them.

The right words every time

At Dentally we know how important it is that patients receive consistent information from you. It doesn’t matter which team member sends the correspondence, because you can rest assured that using data tags and a template the patient will receive the right information.

Easy to customise 

Want to add your logo to letters and emails? A template can do that for you.

Want to use your own headed paper? A template can do that for you.

Want to have a separate signature for each practitioner but keep the body of the message the same throughout the practice? A template can do that for you.

Easy to customise for any member of staff with Level 4 permissions, you can use an existing template as a basis for a new one, or create a totally new template yourself. You can do it your way, because at Dentally we understand that your practice is unique and your communications with your patients should reflect that.

Learn more about Patient Communications from Dentally on our website here or email us to talk to our team.

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