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Why Dentally Customer Support is the Best

I'm going to share a series of posts, starting with this one, about the vision that myself and my Co-founder, James, have for Dentally. Today I want to discuss how customer support plays a key role in our vision for Dentally.

We're continually striving to provide a great foundation for practices to grow using Dentally, and to achieve that they need to be able to use everything really easily. And where needed, we are here to help.

Support in the Cloud

A major contributor to us providing stellar support comes from Dentally itself. We believe that in the 21st Century practices shouldn't be required to look after a big, expensive IT infrastructure, but that they can get a great, straight forward experience from the cloud. When we started Dentally we were surprised that so many dental practices still need a server in the practice.

Being in the cloud we eliminate a huge majority of the issues that practices normally face with other practice managements systems where the server is in the practice. By taking these servers out of the practice we can look after them in our own environment, letting the software specialist look after the IT and let the practice get on with what they're good at, looking after patients. It all boils down to the fact that with Dentally there is absolutely no software that needs to be installed in the practice, therefore eliminating a huge amount that could go wrong!

This lets us get on with supporting users to get the best out of the software. Practice staff can concentrate on looking after patients rather than being held up on the phone to a support desk talking them through installing updates for hours!

No Contracts

Finally our support has to be great as we must earn our customer's loyalty each month. As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company we don't have long contracts that tie in our customers so we must provide great service, and this keeps us on our toes. Sometimes this can be a lot of work, but at the end of the day it's all worth it so we can achieve our primary goal of making practice management as easy and intuitive as possible.

To help us bring all this together our entire team meets once a week and we discuss the support we have provided that week and we're always looking for ways that we might be able to improve Dentally to make things easier for our customers. We also invite feedback and feature requests on our forum. At Dentally we have the philosophy that the entire team looks after customer support, lead by our support specialists Glen and Rob, not just a some staff in a call centre. Everyone is accountable for ensuring our customer's success on Dentally.

To find out more about how we do support give us a ring and we're all more than happy to have a chat. We're a friendly bunch really!

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