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Charting success

The Dentally team are always looking at engineering new ways to develop our software, ensuring our customers can save time in their patient management.  Sometimes these product updates can be quite subtle, but no matter how small - they can really enhance the user experience.

Charting is obviously an essential and core element of any practice management software and so we have been reviewing how charting works and taking on board valuable feedback from our customers to introduce some useful improvements.

Charting Success

We have summarised just some of these changes here:

  • When viewing an existing treatment plan Dentally will now automatically select the most current appointment from the list of appointments.
  • If you lock the graphical chart and the appointment is hidden off the bottom of the screen, Dentally will automatically scroll it into view for you.
  • The button to expand completed treatment for an appointment can now also be used to hide the treatment again.
  • When charting lots of treatments at once you may have found that the treatments were added off the bottom of the screen making it difficult for you to keep track of what you’d done. This is now not the case, as the software will automatically scroll the treatment plan for you as you chart so you can always see the most recently charted treatment.
  • We now show a warning when deleting an item from the chart, if you have previously edited it. This change should prevent you deleting things by mistake whilst still allowing you to quickly remove an item that was charted by mistake.
  • We have also made a change to viewing chart notes, so now you as well as expanding a note you can also collapse it.  

Charting is a simple and straight-forward process with Dentally, so you can easily and accurately navigate the patient chart and produce clear and concise treatment plans for patient consideration and consent.

If you would like to learn more about charting in Dentally then take a look at our website and arrange a demo with one of our friendly team:  Alternatively if you are already using Dentally then please call our support team on 020 3856 5611 with any questions you may have.

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