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Clinician Focus: Customisation

In the last few months, we have shifted the focus of our Friday Blog Series to individual roles in practice and how Dentally can help your team increase practice success. This month we take a look at clinicians and how they can utilise Dentally's easy to use and cloud-enabled toolkit to improve work-life balance, task efficiency and their clinical work including charting and treatment planning.

At Dentally, we understand that clinicians are a pivotal player in practice success, having a direct,  important face to face role to play in delivering patient care. Therefore, a clinicians work must be customisable to suit each patient and letters, treatment plans, and notes must be easily editable to be patient-specific. The tasks should also be easy and quick for the clinician to complete.  

With that said, let's take a look at just some of the many ways that Dentally can help your clinicians - after all, an essential part of our ethos is taking the stress out of daily practice life, so you can be sure that with Dentally, both team members and patients remain happy.  

Treatment Plan customisationTreatment plan

Remember, ease of use is part of what we do - that is why Dentally’s plans are laid out simply from the start so that treatment planning is seamless. Long, complex treatments are easily planned with just one click using Dentally’s templates - saving your clinician vital time on admin so that they can focus on the all-important patient care. Whilst ensuring a consistent approach from each clinician - giving your practice a professional feel.  

Any follow up appointments that your clinicians prescribe are instantly shared with receptions teams, maintaining a seamless patient experience for each individual under your practice care. 

All customised treatment plans can be shared immediately with the patient, so that confirmation and approval can be received as efficiently as possible. Both the iPad App and the Patient Portal can be used, by patients, to sign estimates quickly too. Find out more about treatment planning with Dentally here.  

Treatment Plan Favourites

Busy dental clinicians will undoubtedly notice that they need some treatments more often than others when planning. That is why Dentally have made it easy to search for your most-used treatments and then save them as favourites so that they can be quickly accessed the next time they are required.  

The same applies to treatment plan templates, and clinicians can easily search and favourite their preferred templates. Additionally, new treatment plan templates can be created and categorised by treatment type - once again saving time on admin when patient care is essential. 

Template notesWhy Dentally - Take action from anywhere

Clearly, at Dentally, we understand the frustration of monotony and repeating the same admin tasks. That is why we have even made template notes, so your clinical note process is quick and easy. 

Template notes allow clinicians to insert a snippet of texts into any clinical note in just a few clicks. Snippets of texts are selectable from either a drop-down list or - you can provide the snippet with a shortcut. So, each time you type your specific shortcut followed by the space key, the snippet of text will automatically be added. 

Features like this ensure Dentally is constantly striving and succeeding at making sure clinicians and all team members have more time to do dentistry. 

With Dentally, you can be confident that your clinicians have the correct tools in place to not only maintain brand identity but to keep your patients feeling confident in the patient care provided and therefore returning time after time. Speak to a member of the team now at to find out more about the benefit of our cloud-enabled practice management software for your practice.