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What can the History Panel show you?

Dentally is all about ease of use. We want to help take the stress out of everyday practice life - streamlining workflows and reducing admin burdens - so you have more time to do dentistry. 

We have several tools in our cloud-enabled practice management system to aid you in the daily running of your practice - from lightning-fast reporting and automated communications to clear charting and security. No matter your practice type, Dentally are here to help. 

Our History Panel is one of many features that make getting to know and understand your patients just that little easier.

Anywhere you see the clock symbol circled below, you can access the History Panel for that piece of information, from there you will see any changes that have been made. Take a look at the image below for an example. 

In this example, the History Panel on an appointment is showing the changes made. The appointment was originally created with a start time of 9:25, then the start time was changed to 11:00 and the end time changed accordingly.

The History Panel is not only easy to access but very insightful too, showing you much more than just appointment time changes. You’ll find the History Panel on Appointments, NHS Claims, Patient Details and more. You can opt any level user into being able to use the History Panel using the ‘Can View History Panel?’ option in a user’s settings. Take a look below to see for yourself all the things you can find out about your patient’s data from the History Panel. 

We have a whole suite of handy, helpful and quick to access help articles in our support section on the website - take a look at those next time you are stuck. We try to make things as easy and accessible as possible for our customers, and our friendly support team are always on hand to answer any questions you have - contact us at

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