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Take the stress out of security with Dentally

At Dentally, looking after your patient and practice data is one of our top priorities. Our team works continuously to safeguard the privacy, security and integrity of your account so you can build trust with your patients whilst having complete peace of mind that their data is only being accessed by those authorised. 

Cloud technology is renowned for its security and as the market leading cloud solution for dental practice management, you can put your trust in us to store your data securely whilst keeping your practice running smoothly and cost-effectively. 

Let’s take a closer look at just a few of these features. 

Let’s start with data encryption. 

Data encryption is a security method that converts how we would usually read text into a unique combination of characters called ciphertext. Ciphertext is unreadable and can only be ‘unscrambled’ with the right permissions – making it extremely secure, minimising any possibility of your sensitive information being intercepted. 

At Dentally we use data encryption end-to-end, from your login details to your application communications, it’s all encrypted within the cloud. Even we can’t see your passwords! 

Backups Reception

In the digital age, creating backups of our files is something that’s drilled into us every day. Being cloud based, your backups with us are quick and agile – making misplaced or stolen physical patient records or hard drives a thing of the past. 

Without any interruption to your day-to-day workflows, your backups are performed by us in the background throughout the day meaning you can maintain the highest security standards at all times with no physical requirement from you or your team to take any action.  

Your replicated data is then stored in multiple secure locations, preventing physical data loss and ensuring compliance with all GDPR data protection protocols. 


Software updates are vital to ensuring that users can benefit from all of the latest product developments, while improving performance and having any potential bugs fixed. 

We understand that your team has a long list of ‘to-do’s’, that’s why we take this task out of your hands by making small, ultra-frequent system updates - usually on a daily basis. These micro updates enable a steady progression when it comes to improvements to our software’s features and functionality. Dentally is all about ease of use, so you’ll never be confronted with major system changes. Refreshing your browser is all it takes to benefit from our daily updates - no restarts, no downtime, no hassle. 

User security 

Did you know that the highest security risk to any system is usually the behaviour of its users?  

At Dentally, we appreciate the amount of sensitive data you and your team handle throughout the day – that's why we offer you a range of user security features to take the stress out of security and customise how you safeguard you practice. 

Settings can be customised via: 

  • User – amend permission levels to grant/deny access to certain features within Dentally based on role 

  • IP restrictions – feel rest assured that only your list of ‘safe locations’ are being used to access Dentally, especially when you have team members working remotely 

  • Time restrictions – Specify what times users can login to Dentally e.g. only your standard practice working hours 

  • Two factor authentication – this can be turned on/off and be used with either a secure one-time-password via an authenticator app or a unique code sent via SMS 

However, you use or wish to use Dentally, you can feel rest assured that your patient and practice data is safe in the cloud. To talk to our team more about our commitment to your security, get in touch today! 

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