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Take the effort out of repetitive tasks

When considering your already hectic schedule as a dental practitioner, day to day tasks can often seem a burden. Dentally’s practice management solution allows you to automate everyday tasks - ultimately simplifying your day, saving you time and money - making your life easier! 

How can Dentally’s task automation help? 

At Dentally, we understand that time spent filling out paperwork, emailing patient appointment reminders and creating marketing messages are time-consuming and resource-heavy- we know patient care is your main priority. Business development, however, is fundamental to the success of your practice too. So, to ease that burden and deliver you more time Task Automation can streamline your workflows without minimising human interaction.

There are many ways that task automation can help increase the communications and success of your practice. Let’s explore some of them.dentally-art-02a-1

Automated Recalls 
Automated recalls can be put in place to ensure that no patient ever misses the chance to book in for their next appointment - providing a slick, streamlined patient journey from start to finish. The patient simply indicates their preferred contact method whether that be SMS, an email or a letter and automated workflows can be easily created to send personalised messages at your choice of intervals, attempting different methods of contact to get those patients back into the practice. This will not only create an exceptional patient journey, build and maintain great relationships - it will also save your staff valuable time meaning that they are free to focus on providing the best possible service to your patients.
Automated Communications
Automated communications can be used to keep patients up to date ahead of upcoming appointments. Sometimes things can be missed amidst a patient's hectic schedule. With automated communications, you can rest assured that your patients will receive, through their preferred methods of communication, regular updates. From appointment reminders, the creation of invoices or estimates - your patients will remain up to date during every step of their dental journey. 

Templates can be easily created and then customised to your practice, speeding up communication workflows. Individual messages can also be drafted and sent through the system for those occasions when a more personal touch is required. All forms of communication are logged and easy to find in the patient’s correspondence history. 

dentally-art-03b-1Contactless Patient Journey 

The Dentally iPad app allows your patients to experience a smooth and seamless digital experience. From the minute your patient arrives you can be confident that their experience will be positive. The iPad app also allows for the practice to remove the requirement for printouts, scans and invoices.   The information is all securely recorded and readily available for your staff to view at the click of a button - once more ensuring a quick, streamlined patient journey.  

The Patient Portal allows you to take this time-saving method one step further. It is customised to your practice branding and can be reached by your patients with a simple click of a link or button within your emails or SMS from Dentally.  Alternatively, it can also be found by adding a login section to your website. It essentially allows you to manage your patient journey as a ‘one-stop shop’. This is extremely useful in the new norm within COVID-19 guidance. Additionally medical history questionnaires and any other documents you require the patient to sign can be done at the patient's leisure, even before they set foot in the practice.

With the self check-in feature on the portal, patients are able to check in to any appointments they have in the next 30 minutes. When they check in, their appointment will be marked as 'Arrived' - notifying their practitioner and any reception staff too - keeping you and your practice staff informed and most importantly, safe. 

Upon finishing their time in the surgery patients are then able to pay for their treatment and any outstanding balances on their account through the Patient Portal again minimising physical time spent in the practice.  The link used to catalyse this process can also be automated - once again saving you and your team time. 

There are numerous ways that task automation can ease the burden of day to day tasks and provide you with more freedom. To find out how current customers are already implementing task automation read our user stories here. Or if you’re a new customer email us at to take a look at our system and see how you can start saving time and money today.

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