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Review your communications and save time with automation

As we continue our mini-series around communication reviews this week, we look to automation and how it can help you improve the efficiency of your practice, working towards best practice and ensuring you stay connected to your patients, working alongside the Dentally Elevate Programme.   

Our goal is to take the stress out of everyday practice life, help you run the most efficient dental practice and provide your team with the best work-life balance. By reviewing your patient communications, you can accomplish these goals and ensure you are reaching all your patients at the right time. dentally-art-05-optimised

As we mentioned in our previous blog, our communication review process will provide you with some in-depth questions that will help you identify areas of improvement in how you stay connected with your patients. Communication is paramount to the success of your business, and it is pivotal you have the best workflows in place - that is where we come in. Dentally has several automated tools that can help you. 

Automated Communications 

Dentally understands that you and your team will have a long to-do list - in terms of managing both clinical work and your patient admin. By automating your communications, you can ease the burden of mundane tasks, boosting efficiency and focusing on providing exceptional patient care.  

Our automated patient communications allow you to send messages to patients. Messages in Dentally are scheduled to fit specific events like appointments or creating an invoice or estimate - saving you time and ensuring you never forget to email an invoice or patient follow up again. Patient communications happen automatically with some simple settings in Dentally.  new-illustrations_patient comms

You can find out how to set up automated comms here, although our team will help you with this when undertaking your patient communication review and identifying which areas you need help and improvement.  

Save time 

Once you have set up the workflow and defined your parameters, leave it to the Dentally system to send out the SMS and emails without you or the team thinking about it. We give you the peace of mind that your patients are always engaged and up to date with relevant information about your practice and their care and treatment. 

Automating your communications is a fantastic way to save every team member time and improve the overall efficiency of your practice. If this is something you are interested in, why not sign up for the Dentally Communication review, where we will tailor every step to your practice and its needs, helping you build the business you want. Contact us at to find out more. 

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