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NEW: Republic of Ireland – Record your PRSI Claims

If you are in the Republic of Ireland Dentally now allows for the recording of PRSI Patient Eligibility Checks and PRSI Claims within the software. 

While the ability to submit PRSI claims or check for eligibility is currently unsupported by Welfare Partners, as part of our commitment to you we have developed a way to track the PRSI claims that you raise, allowing you to report on and reconcile your open and settled claims.  

PRSI claim on Dentally Dental Software.You can also record eligibility checks you have performed for patients, to help give you a clear indication when performing treatment, what your patients are eligible for PRSI coverage on.    

This means your claims can be reported on and quickly reconciled in Dentally so that you can work more effectively and keep track of claims.  

It is simple to set up in your practice site settings in Dentally, adding the PRSI specific treatments to your list. 

If you would like to learn more then take a look at our new support documents below or talk to our support team today. 

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