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A Guide to Reconciling PRSI Claims with Dentally

Handling your PRSI claims is one of those essential tasks that must be done, and we want to help make this task as straightforward for you as possible.  

To help you simplify this process and ensure you're maximising the benefits Dentally has to offer, we've compiled this comprehensive guide on reconciling your PRSI Claims once a payment schedule is received from Welfare Partners. 

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Before we dive into the specifics, let's address why reconciling your PRSI claims is so essential. Doing this regularly, either on a weekly or monthly basis, whichever works for you, will ensure: 

Accuracy: Consistent reconciliation helps you identify and correct any discrepancies or errors in your claims, ensuring that Dentally stays up to date with your received payments. 

Enhanced Practice Efficiency: Staying on top of your claim reconciliation process minimises the risk of overlooking unprocessed or missed claims. 

Improved Patient Relationships: Keeping up with claims allows you to action any patient reimbursements in a timely fashion, leading to a more transparent and professional patient experience.  

Reconciling your claims  

  • When you have located the PRSI claims report in your Dentally reports menu. You can filter the report status to 'Raised' to show just the claims requiring reconciliation. 

  • Once you have located the claim you wish to update scroll along to the Status column, then simply click the status to edit and update this as required. 

  • Where multiple claims are needed to be marked as settled, and the requested fee matches the received fee, it's easier to do this in bulk. Select the tick box on the left and reconcile them in one go. 


  • Where a claim is Queried or Settled, but the fee received does not match the fee requested, the actual fee awarded will need reconciling against a specific claim. In this scenario, you will want to reconcile the claim individually. 

  • Queried claims means that a claim request was only partially successful and that further action is required. Setting the status to Queried in Dentally and adding Status Comments will ensure transparency across the practice. 

 For further details and step-by-step instructions to reconciling your PRSI claims, read through our help centre guide here. 

If you require further help reconciling your PRSI claims in Dentally, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team via Live Chat in Dentally.  

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