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Your Dentally toolkit...

As you reopen your dental practice, Dentally will provide you with all the support you need through a toolkit of features, to help you adhere to Covid-19 guidance and keep your team and patients safe.

We have prepared a guide covering some key elements that you will need to consider as you begin to open your practice and see patients.  Read it here.  Our toolkit of measures we hope will support you during this time, by saving you time, encouraging social distancing and managing the administration needed to reopen the practice to deliver the care your patients need.   

The toolkit will be available to all of our customers for FREE until 31st December 2020, to support you in every way we can and we outline details here.  If you do have any queries then please do contact our support team  or visit our dedicated collection of Covid-19 support articles here.

Outbound Telephone Calling

Telephone calls can now be made within Dentally, and this new functionality has now been fully integrated to allow you to make calls direct from the patient record.  We are offering 500 minutes per month per account of free calls until 31st December 2020, so that your team can call your patients directly whether they are working in the practice or remotely from home.  (Please note: For practices that use more than 500 minutes, the fee will be 9p/minute).  Find out more about the Dentally telephone outbound call feature.

Payment Links

Following the patient’s appointment, we have added payment link functionality.  This means that the practice can now send an SMS with a secure link that allows the patient to pay their bill by clicking on the link, and making a payment using a credit/debit card, Apple Pay, etc.    Read more here.  This new feature will be made available to all customers until 31st December 2020 (please note you will still be liable for your transactional fee from Stripe - details can be found here.)


We understand that keeping in touch with all of your team is essential especially to retain clear communication and continuity between members of staff who are split between working in the practice on site and those working remotely. So with this in mind we have decided to waive all fees for Dentally chat until 31st December 2020 for those already using it and new users.  You can learn more about ‘chat’ here.

Templates Collection

In order to help you compile and put all the patient correspondence you need to together, advising patients of the new procedures, remote check in, payment links and appointment guidance - we have put together a collection of templates that you can access and use.  These will be added to our Support area shortly.


There are a number of reports that may also be helpful for you to run in preparation of a return to seeing patients in person, include the Patients report and Treatment Plan report. To make this easier we have put together some quick links to some saved filters - so the reports are all ready for you to use.  These will be available soon in our Support area.

Supporting dentistry

We hope this toolkit from Dentally will help make your life easier as you begin to think about returning to practice, so that  you can focus your time on your patients & your team.  Take a look at our new collection of support documents to support you at this time here.  Please do email us if you have any queries or speak to the team if we can help in any way.


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