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Why we've created new Dentally pricing tiers

Just over a week ago we decided to create a range of Dentally plans. I wanted to give a bit of background on why we decided to create these plans and the type of practice that they would be perfect for.

Recently at the BDA show, the LDC conference and a meeting of the London federation of LDCs I had a chance to speak to a lot of the Dental community. Through our conversations it became apparent to me that there was a difference in requirements between practices of varying sizes.

For example, start up practices with a small patient list will often be on a tight budget and have a relatively high amount of chair time availability. The more established practice however will usually have a completely packed appointment book, and need more immediate customer support. Finally I have spoken to a number of practices which could be described as 'high growth' practices. These practices are looking to drastically increase their patient numbers and expand the number of sites that they operate.

So at Dentally we thought about what each of these different practices would require in a plan and we came up with Basic, Standard and Plus to meet these demands and provide great value to everyone.


Tailored to the start up practice or the smaller practice on a budget. This is the lowest cost plan that enables practices to get started on the Dentally platform with minimum expenditure.


This plan is our most popular plan and is perfect for most established practices. It can accommodate more volume than the basic plan suited to a packed appointment book. There is also a greater level of customer support provided in the standard plan.


Finally the plus plan, created for high growth practices. The plus plan gives practices access to custom analytics on their data that can provide huge insights into how to drastically increase revenue or enable scaling your patient base. Things like the capitation audit report can give you detailed information into the value that your capitation plan provides, and advise you on how to price and structure your payment plans.

We're really confident that Dentally is the best practice management platform available to the dental industry and we wanted to make it even more accessible to practices of any size. I'm happy that with the introduction of the Basic and Plus plans we can deliver even more value to practices all over the UK, enabling the provision of better patient care and in practice experiences.

To read more about the 3 plans take a look at here.

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