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Why we have have improved your dental security

When it comes to dental software security, as with any software, the weakest link in the chain is most often the user of the system. Our security was already above industry standard, but we added even more security to the system with out latest update which is detailed here.

Restricting users

Data loss or misuse prevention is obviously one of your foremost thoughts as a practice owner so restricting when a user can access the data entrusted to you is important. This way you know when users can access Dentally and users with access to important information can only access it at the times you set.

Who is using Dentally?

By seeing who is using Dentally at your practice, you can be assured that your data is intact. This is an add-on to our audit trail system where you can see who has touched a patient's account and what they have done. This allows you to see some of this information in real time.

Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is one of the best ways to protect against remote attacks such as phishing, credential exploitation and other attempts to takeover your accounts.

Without your physical device, remote attackers can’t pretend to be you in order to gain unauthorized access to cloud storage, financial information, etc.

Login credentials are more valuable than ever, as companies adopt more remote workers and web-based applications and with Dentally you can work from anywhere.

By integrating two-factor authentication with these applications, attackers are unable to access your accounts without possessing your physical device needed to complete the second factor.

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