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Waiting lists now available

Our latest new product update is yet another time-saving function that will ensure you never lose track of patients that are waiting to book an appointment.

Waiting Lists - Patient Entry on a list


We have developed waiting lists within Dentally, so that dental practitioners can easily track and report on patients that are waiting for an appointment, as well as being able to set this against your own specific practice targets for seeing patients.

This exciting new functionality within the software will not only save you time managing different waiting lists, it will help you fill cancelled appointments with priority patients, manage your lab work, allow you to track who has an outstanding requirement for an appointment or examination and run your waiting lists more efficiently.  

It will allow you to improve the patient experience by ensuring that waiting lists times are closely monitored by the internal targets you have set for your team.  It is also useful if you are planning to offer a new type of service or introduce a new practitioner to the practice, it helps you compile an initial target marketing list.

How does it work?

  1. Customised in your practice settings you can set all your default options and create a number of specific lists, for example; a list for NHS patients, specialist treatment clinic referral lists or an upcoming offering etc.Setting up a waiting list
  2. Track and manage your lab work.  Create a list called ‘Lab Work’ for patients waiting for any lab work to be completed before their next appointment can be carried out and set the status as sent, received or completed.
  3. Determine your target (in terms of days) for each list as to how long it is acceptable for a patient to be waiting for an appointment.
  4. Set your details for how long an appointment is required (for example; 30 mins or 60 mins etc.) and what the status is of the people that will be added to the list.
  5. Patients can be quickly and easily added to a waiting list from the patient appointment screen and you set the urgency for each appointment required at three different priority levels:  high, medium or low.
  6. Each patient that is on a waiting list will have an icon displayed on their record - so you can quickly identify them.
  7. Reception teams can easily create an appointment from the waiting list and allocate them a slot on the calendar.
  8. The reception team can run a report to identify patients on specific lists and then ensure appointments are made based on their priority level with easy to use report filtering.Entries on a waiting list
  9. You will never lose track of a patient or keep them waiting beyond the target you have set - any that exceed that target will show as overdue so can be quickly identified and contacted.  If a patient is overdue because they have declined an appointment then is also marked on the notes.
  10. Management reporting means you can see how long patients are waiting and how each of your waiting lists are performing.

If you would like to find out more about this exciting new product release or arrange a demo and join the 4,000 dental professionals who work smarter, work remotely and work securely with Dentally, simply visit our website or email us

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