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Using video for your dental practice marketing

At Dentally we've been using video as a great tool to help our business. We started out with our support videos and then we've moved onto product videos like our Dentally for iPad video.

Since we started we've been working with our friends over at Wistia, a really great video hosting platform. Wistia hosts all of our videos and they have awesome help and how-to guide over at their website. I'd like to share a recent article of theirs that relates directly to dentists.

Wistia - Video marketing tips for dentists

Wistia Link

There are also some great guides on Wistia's learning pages about how to get started shooting videos for your dental practice, even with just an iPhone.

If you have any questions about how we're using video, or how you can get started yourself, get in touch. Rob and I are always happy to chat.

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