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Updates and IT made simple

Life is busy, we understand that dental professionals have a million and one things to do.  Time is precious and so you need tools that you can rely on to help you and not hinder you!

Many dentists and their teams spend hours following up appointments, reminding patients, reporting, checking patient files, reviewing treatment plans and imagery and completing paperwork for NHS submissions.  This means quality of life and lifestyle can be compromised when you are busy running a dental practice.

Patient management software is essential to your practice, but it should make things easier to manage all the many arms of practice life and not add time you don’t have to your day! The software choices you make can not only aid you by providing you with a tool kit that can help – it should also save you valuable time.

Software to some people can be a complete headache because it involves IT – which we all know has a reputation for not always being reliable!  The IT for your practice can be tricky to get right, you have multiple devices for your team to use, networks and servers that all require regular maintenance, expensive equipment upgrades, data storage, protection against data loss, networking, training, updates and back-ups!  Do you really have the time to spare to deal with all of that as well?

If the simple answer is - you don’t,  then why not look to cloud-based software?

Data back-ups and upgrades with traditional dental patient management hosted software can often mean rotating external hard-drives or data tapes and also installing an upgrade on every user’s computer within your dental practice.  It can be time consuming and frustrating! Cloud-based software is simple to update, it can be done at any time without interruption to you.  Upgrades happen instantaneously and without the hassle of hosted software that sometimes endures arduous updates that can take hours to finish!

Loss of data due to poor back-up’s is a problem you really don’t need, it is certainly not helpful if years of data for particular patients is lost in an instant and not to mention the time it can take to physically update hosted software.

With cloud-based software like Dentally, back-ups are simple and quick, they happen without interruption to the workflow of the practice.  Back-ups are performed throughout the day and stored in multiple locations so physical data loss is a thing of the past.

Not only can IT be cost heavy in terms of resource time, but also in terms of financial cost.  With cloud-based software there is no need to buy an expensive server or high specification PC’s and laptops.  A cloud-based software solution, means that data is not stored on the machines themselves and therefore it does not require a pricey dedicated server, saving you money.   Cloud-based technology can be used on any type of hardware or device. The operating system that you run has no impact, as strictly speaking a cloud service is a service that is accessible over the internet, so it has been built in this way to capitalise on its interconnectivity with other tools.

Get rid of your IT issues today and focus your time on what you really need to – spending more time with your patients and balancing that with the personal lifestyle choices you wish to enjoy out of surgery hours.  Move to cloud-based dental software and remove the IT stress you currently endure!

Dentally is the UK’s leading cloud dental software. To find out more about how Dentally can work for you, and to join 4,000 dental professionals who work smarter, work remotely and work securely, simply email our team today,

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