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Update to NHS Scotland Exemptions

Following guidance from NHS Scotland, Dentally has introduced the new 'Under 26' exemption on NHS Plans with an Acceptance Date of 24th August 2021 or after.

The change has automatically been applied to Dentally.

This new exemption is only appropriate for plans accepted on or after 24th August 2021 - Dentally will only allow the application of this new exemption on plans with this date forward and will not allow the use of the previous 'Under 18 years old' or 'Aged 18 and in full-time education' on plans with an acceptance date of 24th August or after.NHS_Scotland

Any plans with an Acceptance date prior to 24th August 2021 should still use the previous age-related exemptions where required and those Exemptions will still be available on the appropriate NHS patients.

All existing NHS patients currently under 26 years of age will have this exemption automatically applied, meaning any new NHS plans started from 24/08/2021 will have this exemption automatically applied.

From this date, all new NHS patients added to Dentally will have this exemption automatically applied where appropriate when added to Dentally, in the same manner as under 18 patients do currently.

Updating your software, whether it is to see new features or view the latest NHS Scotland fees changes, happens in Dentally without any interruption to your day.  Remember you never have to deal with running system updates or be confronted with major changes.  Simply refresh your browser - and you will see the updated software, no restarts, no backups required by you and no downtime.  

To learn more take a look at our Support article for more details.  Find it here:

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