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What does cloud-based dental software actually mean?

More and more frequently we are hearing the ominous-sounding buzzwords ‘the cloud’. Unless you're an IT professional or very familiar with computing, the phrase can be a little intimidating. So what exactly is the cloud, and how does it impact you as a dental professional?

The cloud is defined as:

the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer.

To the average dental practice this will mean things like how to choose and use your dental software - practice management system, radiography etc, and how you store your data.

Benefits of being cloud-based

So what are the benefits of cloud based dental software?

  • You don't need an expensive server on-site

The days of needing to run an expensive and power-hungry dedicated server are over. In a cloud-based dental software system it is our remote servers that are taking the brunt of the work instead. This means there is no need to fork a 4 figure sum on a top-of-the-range server to sit in your cupboard or storeroom in the practice. In turn, being cloud-based means less stress on your in-surgery computers, so you can use less expensive machines around the practice as well.

If you already have a server, you can still get great use out of it, but when you come to replacing it, you can simply replace it with a normal PC instead. Or if it is a dedicated machine (exists purely for your data and other PC's), you can just throw it out when it tires. Data you wish to store such as radiographs and files can be shared across the practice machines' hard-drives instead. We also give you online storage space if you wish to gain access from anywhere.

  • Freedom to choose your favourite Operating System

Being cloud-based means you can choose your machine and your operating system. Want to use Windows 10? No problem. How about Windows 7? Sure thing. Oh, you like Apple and want to use a Mac? Sounds great, just plug it in. If there is split opinion in the practice, each person can use their personal preference and still get the same great performance.

Cloud-based dental software works for your practice and preferences, rather than the other way around.

  • No interference when updating Operating System

As a cloud-based solution, a Windows / Mac update does not interact with Dentally at all. This means you will never come across unexpected issues when you update your server, or find yourself locked out whilst the update kicks in.

  • Practice hardware becomes easily replaceable

The most common cause of data loss to dental practices is hardware failure, while the second most common is data theft. If your dental software is cloud-based, your machines do not hold your data, so your machines become easily replaceable.

Many practices look at dropping expensive hardware maintenance when switching to Dentally. This is because if a machine fails, the replacement can be at the practice straight from Amazon 1 day later. It also means there is no charge to install Dentally on the new PC, as you do not need to install Dentally at all - instead just run from any devise with Google Chrome installed.

  • We manage your data backups

No more rotating external hard-drives or data tapes. Cloud-based software is backed up automatically multiple times a day. We also test the backups for you too. This means that you never have to worry about managing your data, or take the time out of your day to do so ever again.

  • Quality of life

With Dentally or any other cloud-based dental software you can access your information from any location, all you need is a computer and internet access. This means no more late nights in order to work the books, you can order your work life around the rest of your life. You get the same performance from within the surgery as you do from outside it.

  • Increased security

Security is at the heart of cloud computing and far safer than a server locked in the practice storeroom. We take a wide variety of measures to give you increased flexibility and enhanced security. If you're interested in cloud safety we have a free eBook which you can download here.

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