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Two way comms...

Continuing our revisit of some of the useful patient communications tools within Dentally, this time taking a look at two way SMS and email.

dentally-illustration_patient commsKeeping in touch with your patients is important from the moment they book their first appointment and throughout their ongoing care. At Dentally, we understand that good quality,  ongoing communication is not only critical to your dental practice workflow, but also your patient’s dental health, and so every communication method from Dentally is designed to help you build and maintain great relationships with your patients and the two-way SMS and email is a great example of this.

Two way patient SMS and emails

Dentally allows you to send, receive and reply to SMS and email messages, which means that you never miss an incoming message from a patient, as all messages are assigned to the patient either automatically, or, if that cannot happen - i.e. a patient changes a name or phone number -  manually by staff.  With Dentally, all outgoing correspondence to patients is also recorded so that you can keep a track of the correspondence sequence.

Correspondence Templates

SMS templatesTo further help with your correspondence, we offer correspondence templates. Templates are an excellent way of ensuring communication quality and consistency.

Using a template saves staff time because they don’t have to wonder what on earth they are going to say, or what was said last time, they simply select a template from a drop down list and know that the SMS or email, will be sent to the right patient with the right practice or appointment information, and as a Practice manager, you can rest assured that all patients receive the same, high quality information.  You can use correspondence templates at every stage of your patient journey, from appointment reminders to timely recalls. 

Bulk messages or only one

Because at Dentally we understand that everyone is unique, and may, occasionally, need a special, personal, individualised email or SMS, you can do this too. Simply select Create new correspondence from a patient’s correspondence tab. Rest assured that replies will automatically come into your inbox and you will be notified when replies come into your inbox.

Practices might also want or need to send messages to large numbers of patients and Dentally allows this option too. It’s a super simple process and will take you six clicks! You simply set up a bulk patient message, using filtered segments from your Patient Report and templates and, after a quick check, send them on their way. What could be simpler? And think of the time it will save!  

Communication is an essential component of your day to day dental practice, so why not talk to our team to help streamline your patient comms?  Email us today or visit our website to find out more the Dentally features.

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