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Take the NHS reporting quiz!

Let’s see how much you know about Dentally’s NHS Reports. Test your knowledge with our quick quiz. These are actual questions we have been asked. 

When you’ve answered all the questions, check your score against those given by Kevin Bell our Head of Customer Success.

The answers are at the bottom of the page but no peeking till you’ve tried them all for yourselves. 

Look at the question and then simply answer A, B or C. 

Answer A - NHS Claims Report

Answer B - UDA Forecast Report

Answer C - NHS UDAs Report

Question 1

Is there an easy way to see why claims are marked as invalid?   A, B or C?

Question 2

Can we show a daily total of UDAs achieved?     A, B or C?

Question 3

Can I print off a list of Error and Queried claims?      A, B or C?

Question 4

How can I see how many UDAs I completed this month?      A, B or C?

Question 5

Can I find out how many claims were completed between 21/2/19 & 25/3/19?     A, B or C?

Question 6

Is there a report I can run to see any COTs that still need to be submitted?      A, B or C?

Question 7

How can I get a list of all the NHS patient claims submitted today?      A, B or C?

How did you do?

6-7 correct - Gold Star!🌟 You really know the Dentally NHS reports.

4- 5 correct - Silver Star! You know where to begin. Read the i for info button on the Reports and see if this helps you use these reports.

1-3 correct - Bronze star!   Take a look at the support docs about these reports here and ask the support team if you need more help with them.


1  A    -  2  C  -   3  A  -   4  C   -   5  C   -   6  B   -    7  A

Talk to our team today to learn more about NHS reporting, email us 

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