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Summer School: Recalls

Summer SchoolWe are enjoying the Summer at Dentally; sunshine, Wimbledon and barbecue suppers - it’s a great time of year!

We thought we would take a break from our usual Friday ‘Tip of the Week’ series on the blog, and bring you a special ‘Summer School’ as we go back to basics with Dentally and just look at some of the core functionality within the system that makes it the perfect choice for dental practitioners.

So let us take you back to basics: Recalls.

Recalls are of course an essential part of your patient management and so we have developed a streamlined system within Dentally.  So here are just a few simple facts about recalls:

  • We generate recalls in Dentally every week - each Monday anyone who is due to see the dentist or hygienist based on their next due date and who does not have the relevant appointment already booked will be given a recall.
  • The recall acts as a marker on the patient record and will show a relevant status for each due appointment.  If the patient is due and has no appointment, the recall will have the status ‘Unbooked’. Once the patient has booked their recall appointment, the recall status will show ‘Booked’.  If the patient does not book an appointment, eventually the recall will be marked as ‘Missed’ and then Dentally will take the appropriate action, creating a new ‘Unbooked’ recall, so the patient is picked up again. 
  • Each recall sent is recorded in Dentally and can be worded differently just in case you have to contact the patient a number of times in order to get a response from them! 
  • Remember that recalls can be sent out in the form of SMS, email, or even by letter if you have enabled Dentally mail (where we send out the letters for you).
  • Dentally will update the recall date once certain appointments are completed - so it will always move the next due date forward based on the patient’s interval.
  • Recall preferences for each patient, for example; 6 months or 12 months can be set in the patient’s details page or updated when you complete a treatment plan.
  • You can track recalls in Dentally, so you can check how many times a patient has been contacted.
  • Re-run historical recalls to see how many were successful, and how many were email or SMS - so which correspondence method is working the best for me.

If you would like to learn more about recalls check out the Support section on our website - click here.  

If you would like to further improve your recalls, then why not talk to our team about Automated Recalls and remove the need to manually select patients to receive correspondence, by using a recall report that can be specifically set up for your practice in Dentally.  Email us to learn more or click here.

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