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Summer School: NHS Claims

Summer SchoolWelcome to week two of our Summer School, where we go back to basics with Dentally.

This week we are talking about NHS Claims.  As you know, when you complete a treatment plan within Dentally you can then raise an NHS claim from it.

Once you create your claim, there is a simple process to send it for payment - and remember it is queued for one hour so you can make any last minute amendments if required and you can also remove a claim that may have been submitted in error. 

Learn more here and to set up your practice for NHS submission just follow the guide here.

Another essential element of NHS claims is tracking and reporting, as we explain here: 

  • The NHS tab in the patient’s record will show any NHS claims raised for this patient; quickly showing the claim status and any NHS Comments.
  • By clicking the ‘View Treatment Plan’ button you can easily see the plan that the claim was raised using. If you need to make any changes and resend the claim, any changes can be made here and clicking submit will immediately send the claim again with the updates you have made. 
  • The NHS UDA report will help you keep track of the number of claims sent to Compass, including their state as to whether they are Pending, Completed, or if they have come back in Error and need to be corrected. To see the exact claim it’s useful to use this report in conjunction with the NHS Claims report to narrow things down. 
  • The NHS Claims report will show you all claims you have sent. Using the date range and status filters, you can quickly find the claims that need attention, amend and resend them using the shortcuts by each claim and move on to the next.    
  • The UDA forecast report will allow you to track all NHS work not yet claimed for within a date range which is extremely useful for finding claims which might be close to falling outside of the date restrictions.  Find out more here.

So never lose track of a single UDA again with NHS claims and Dentally - and ensure that all claims that should be submitted have been completed through the report..

To talk to our team about NHS claims simply email us 

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