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Summer School:  Calendar

Wow!  It’s mid August already and our Summer School will soon be coming to an end.  But as we enjoy the last couple of weeks of warmer weather, holidays, beach days and chilled out evenings, we continue our back to basics blog series.Summer School

As we explore the core functionality of Dentally, this week we are going to talk about the Calendar.  It is at the heart of day to day dental practice life and the Calendar in Dentally provides easy to use functionality.  It is easy to navigate, provides different view and colour coded options, clipboard, appointment status settings and much more!  The calendar helps everything run smoothly in the practice.

Today we are going to focus on setting up recurring appointments in the Calendar and we have a useful video in our support section on the website which talks you through a step by step guide of setting it up.  Watch it here.

So why are recurring appointments important?  Well they simply allow you to set up repeat appointments and block out certain periods of the day according to how the practice and practitioner works.  This can include lunch breaks and importantly emergency slots.

It can be easily set up and amended at any time by going to your Dentally Settings, and looking at Practice and Calendar on the tab.  

The recurring appointment section allows you to select an appointment or slot title, choose which practitioner it applies to and the day of the week you wish to add it to.  You then add the start and end time and schedule how often it occurs, for example weekly or every other week in a given period.

To learn more about the calendar or any other element of Dentally then talk to our team today, or visit our support section here.

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