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Smarter automated recalls from Dentally

Relationships with customers are key to any successful business in whatever industry you operate in.  Developing and maintaining strong connections to your customers is essential, communication should be seamless at every touch-point.  

For a dental practice not only is important to stay in touch with patients from a duty of care perspective but it is part of the marketing workflow within the business.

Dentally has been designed to help you keep in touch with your patients, handling day-to-day automations, so conversations are easier and through the patient’s preferred method.  We have further developed our automated recalls with our latest product development, to improve the process around notifying patients that they are due for a recall appointment.

This exciting new development from Dentally means that users can set up recall messaging workflows within the software, which will automate the process to send the patient an email, SMS or letter at the appropriate and correct time.  

So not only does it help you provide a professional service and exceptional customer experience, it will also free up your staff’s valuable time so they can focus on providing the service and experience your wish to offer your patients when they are in the surgery.

The way you set up the recall workflows can be completely customised based on the recall type, so for example for the dentist or hygienist, as well as ensuring it is the right one based on payment plan, practitioner, recall date and the type of correspondence the individual patient prefers.  The sequences can be easily managed by the Dentally ‘workflow builder’, which is simple to use and intuitive. Once you have it set up, Dentally will simply get on and process the recalls without any further interaction from users - so it is one less thing for you to worry about in your practice management.

A further feature of the new automated recalls from Dentally, is that the correspondence and messaging schedule can also be customised by you.  This means you can pick which day or days of the week you wish to send out the recalls - so if Monday is a particular busy day, then sending recalls on another day might be easier! The scheduling is smart, so it will send out the recall messages throughout the day rather than in one batch - so you are not inundated all at once.

The messaging can include a link to dentr, which is an online booking app that has been designed specifically for Dentally.  Patients can book their recall online through your website using dentr, so the entire reminder to book process is fully automated.

Automated recalls will be available soon to all our customers, if you would like to find out more about this exciting new product release or arrange a demo and join the 4,000 dental professionals who work smarter, work remotely and work securely with Dentally, simply visit our website or email us

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