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Searching for patients

We understand that dental practitioners and their teams may wish to search for patients within Dentally in a number of different ways;  and we’ve just introduced a new one!

Patient ID

You can now use the patient identification number (ID) to look for a patient and for other processes within the dental practice to protect the individual’s confidentiality.

The patient ID number is a unique reference to the patient within your practice and can be seen at the top of the patient’s Details screen, above their name. You can use this number in the ‘search’ box by simply adding a hashtag # followed by the number.  The ID number will also still work if you enter it in the URL.

Patient ID Search

Using the patient ID can be used for a number of practice processes to protect the patient’s confidentiality.  For example; the reference could be used for lab work rather than using and revealing the patient’s full name.

If the dental practice had been previously using a different software system and a legacy patient ID number existed, then this can also be used to search for a patient by adding two hashes before the number.

The practice can still search for a patient using their name, mobile number or date of birth, but this added feature of using the ID number can solve a number of issues around the protection of your customer’s confidentiality and their personal details especially for any external lab work.

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