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Scottish specific reporting

As a dental practitioner in Scotland, Dentally provides you with specific reports for your unique Scottish processes.

Real time reporting is presented in an easy to understand manner, to provide a snapshot or more in depth insights into your business.  We help you effectively manage your dental practice and keep everything running smoothly, whether you are monitoring the status of prior approvals or calculating daybook income or tracking your NHS claims.  Dentally reporting delivers accurate statistics to review the past, assess the current situation and forecast the future.

Dentally has a host of useful reports, which are based on permission levels, so the right people can view and make informed decisions.  Each report can be tailored to your practice using multiple filters and you easily favourite those that you use most frequently.

So what reports are available that will help you manage both your private and NHS Scotland contracts?

Dentally - NHS Scotland - Scotland Specific ReportsPrior Approvals Report

This report allows practitioners to monitor the status of all prior approvals submitted, so that appointments can be scheduled for treatments as necessary or any required actions can be kept on top of. 

Daybook Report

The Daybook Report calculates the income by dental practitioner and provides a clear breakdown by payment plan and value, so you can monitor treatment type by dentist and NHS work carried out on behalf of others.

Ortho Submissions Report

Scotland Ortho SubmissionsThe Ortho Submissions Report tracks claims and prior approvals as they progress through the e-Ortho system. With the filters in the Ortho Submissions Report, you can locate information you need to offer your patient the best possible care.

As well as these key reports for Scotland, Dentally provides some other powerful reports that deliver a number of useful insights about your practice, allowing you to segment your patient data to enhance your marketing and communication and track your income and takings.

The Patients Report

Patient Report This report allows you to segment a whole host of variations on your patient record data using multiple filters. It is completely customisable, so you can configure a view that you wish to use, whether you are looking to identify specific patient groups, lapsed patients, new patients, recalls, patients who have had certain treatment types, appointments, patient accounts, geographic details such as postcode catchment area and much more.  Once you have created the list of patients to fit your requirements, you can export them to a csv file or you can easily bulk message them by letter, email or SMS (in line with the patient’s GDPR and correspondence preferences).

Tracking NHS Claims 

To track your NHS work, you can use the NHS Claims report, which allows you track status and includes the following information:  New, queued, received, submitted, queries, error, invalid and completed.  This means you can track the status of claims at each stage of the submission process.  Read more.

You can also take a look online to learn more about just some of the available reporting tools in Dentally, such as the Income report, Takings report and Appointments report.  Click here

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