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Say hello to Dan

Our team is growing, and we thought it would be great to introduce some of our new members.  This week, say hello to Dan.

Full Name:  Dan MuckleSnapchat-1494055056

Role: Customer Support Agent

Tea or Coffee: Both, but coffee is what gets me up in the morning!

Dan takes care of customer queries and resolves any issues with the software. He has a varied background of experience from running a pub to print managed services support and even a beekeeper - un-bee-lievable! 

Let’s chat…

If you had to describe yourself in three words which would you use? 

Outgoing, lively and FUN!

What is the best advice you have ever received?

Life is short, smile whilst you still have teeth. 

Who are your dream dinner party guests?

James Hetfield, Tatiana Shmayluk, Nicky Hayden

What would we find you doing outside of Dentally?

Out on my motorbike, playing guitar obnoxiously loud in a pub with my friends. 

What is your claim to fame?

Being on Children in Need with my first band when I was 13 years old. I wont say when or where this was...

The best things in life

Visiting new places, 2 Wheels, 6 Strings Spicy Food! 

I would never be seen without....

My hot sauce keychain. 

Tell us a random fact

Bees actually have four wings. 

And finally what do you love about Dentally?

I love that Dentally is cloud-based and it's User Interface!

If you have a question for Dan or would like to know more about Dentally, simply email us

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